Individual Map Frames

The Newbie Game

These maps show the sphere of influence of each power. A province is coloured whenever occupied by a power. It stays coloured whilst occupied.

Unoccupied provinces are coloured according to the "sphere of influence" they are in.

If an unnoccupied province is an SC, then the province is coloured according to who owns the SC.

If not an SC the province is coloured according to which power last occupied it.

In the case where a province was occupied by a power, but it is impossible to travel to a province which has a unit or SC owned by that power without crossing the sphere of influence of another power, then that province reverts to 'neutral'.

If a 'neutral' province is surrounded completely by one other power, then that province is deemed to be within that powers sphere of influence.

Note, in the following maps, the colours are designed to give a feel for who owns what - the actual units will only occupy a fraction of the coloured provinces!

This game is finished, with a victory from Ydris (David Ashton).

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