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Perdita Game History
These graphs endeavour to show the game history, they are maintained by Suzi (who plays Egypt) and will be updated soon after each adjust phase.
The Perdita Game History

Even though each of the above graphs is small, the FULL SIZE version IS being downloaded now. It will be quicker if you wait until the graph you require has fully downloaded before you click on it.

To save a graphs, right click on it and select "save as".

Left clicking on the graph will load it directly and it will appear full size - then you can click "save as" from the file menu if required.

Alternatively you could just look at your cache when you go offline!

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The GM MurkyB
Britain Jim Hill
Egypt Suzi Holyoake
France Mike Smith
Germany Hippie
Italy John Fouhy
Poland Drew Buddie
Spain Jason Gool
Russia Ross A Chapman
Turkey David Ashton
Ukraine Piers Forrest