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Current AFP Diplomacy Game Status
Results for Fall 1906 Movement (F1906M) phase in Cohen:-

England:   F Kie H (*dislodged*)
England:   A Lon-NTH-Nwy
England:   F NTH C A Lon-Nwy
England:   F NWG S A Lon-Nwy
England:   F BAR S A Lon-Nwy

France:    A Spa-Por
France:    F Mar-Spa s/c
France:    A Pie-Mar
France:    F Bel-Eng
France:    F Bre S F Bel-Eng
France:    A Bur-Bel
France:    A Hol H

Italy:     A Mun H (*dislodged*)
Italy:     F MAO-Gas
Italy:     A Ven-Pie
Italy:     A Tus S A Ven-Pie

Russia:    F Den S A Ber-Kie
Russia:    A Nor H (*dislodged*)
Russia:    A Swe-Fin
Russia:    A Ber-Kie

Turkey:    F TYS-Rom
Turkey:    F ION-Nap
Turkey:    F Naf-MAO
Turkey:    F Tun H
Turkey:    A Bud-Tri
Turkey:    A Pru-Ber
Turkey:    A Sil-Mun
Turkey:    A Boh S A Sil-Mun
Turkey:    A Trl S A Sil-Mun
Turkey:    A Bul-Rum
Turkey:    A StP H
Turkey:    A Lvn S A StP H
Turkey:    A Ukr-Gal

The English fleet in Kiel may retreat to Bal or Hel or disband.
The Italian army in Munich may retreat to Bur or Ruh or disband.
The Russian army in Norway may retreat to Swe or disband.

However, as this is an Autumn move, a quick count of the SC's
owned and occupied shows the following:-

England:  Edi, Lon, Lvp, Nwy                                 =4
France:   Bel, Bre, Hol, Mar, Par, Por, Spa                  =7
Italy:    Ven                                                =1
Russia:   Den, Kie, Swe                                      =3
Turkey:   Ank, Ber, Bud, Bul, Con, Gre, Nap, Mos, Mun, Rom, 
          Rum, Ser, Sev, Smy, StP, Tri, Tun, Vie, War       =19

Therefore, congratulations are due to Turkey (Murky B) for an
overwhelming victory.

The short history looks like this:-

Power       Player                       Start  01  02  03  04  05  06  

Austria       3     3   3   1   0   0   0
England     3     4   4   6   6   6   4
France           3     6   6   7   7   7   7
Germany         3     4   5   1   0   0   0
Italy     3     4   4   4   3   4   1
Russia          4     5   6   6   6   4   3
Turkey        3     5   6   9  12  13  19

A map update will be posted on the web page sometime within the next 24
hours or so showing the final positions (I chose the retreats at random).

You are all invited to post your End Of Game (EOG) statements and comments
to the list and discuss.

Well played.

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The current state of play in the 'Cohen' Game In order to get the past versions of this textfile send a Blank Email
The players are:

Austria/Hungary (A) = Jake N. Aard      
England         (E) = Alien X Xenomorph  
France          (F) = John Fouhy
Germany         (G) = Joerg Plate
Italy           (I) = Anthony
Russia          (R) = Star Dot Bunny(TM)
Turkey          (T) = Murky B

Gamesmaster     (GM) = Piers Forrest