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Octarine Playtest

Agatean End of Game Statement

Confusious say:
Never tlust Barbarian who send messenger pig fed on Sto Plains ploduce.

But seriously folks, as an island province, Agatea is in desperate need of
allies - unfortunately both the Oggonauts and the Hoon were being aggresive,
so I had no choice but to trust Piers (not that I wouldn't have trusted
Piers given the choice...).  Both neighbours gained more in the first year
than Agatea could, and then I started suspecting the folly of my choice of
country.  This made me a minor power, and therefore at the mercy of my one
(alleged) ally.
It was only a matter of time...

I'd like to play Agatea again with the proposed mods in place - just to
prove it wasn't _just_ my crap play that dun me in!

Kudos to Piers for the best pun in the game, which I can't quite remember,
but went something like:

Your Haikus fall gently on the plains,
My men drink too much beer,
They fall down the Steppes.

Appologies for vicious paraphrasing.

I look forward to the next game (if I can get around to modifying the map

Five Clapping Duck,
Foleign Secletaly.
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