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Octarine Playtest

Circle Cities End of Game Statement

You know, one thing I should have learned is that it's not a good idea to 
get into Diplomacy by trying to be a nice guy. B-) I just had so much
problem back-stabbing people, it's not in my nature! Well, except for when
I ignored Muntab and tried to destroy him, but everyone has a flaw.

I'd like to note that both Neflands and Ogg, who betrayed me, ended up 
getting screwed over, so nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! And there was
much rejoicing.

I was deeply, deeply wounded by Mike turning on me with an
innocent "Who me?" look upon his face. But he made up for it by drawing
a 3-D image of a....whoops, I forgot, he doesn't want me to tell y'all 
that he actually drew a f...woah, there I go again.

I must admit though, without that scheming devil, I would never have 
survived Nef. And Piers, the one person whom I expected to complete 
obliterate me, actually helped out. I'm sending him a box of twinkies,
while you, Mike, get a box of tissues.

I guess I ran the game entirely on luck. I was lucky to find allies who
didn't betray me until it was convenient for them, and so many enemies
(who were also the allies) didn't send their orders in on time.

It was fun, but I probably ticked off Murky more than once by not
understanding that you can't move from Ephebe to Tsort (even though he said
it THREE TIMES at leaast) and by consistently turning in my
moves at the last hour.

Although by the end, it was more like "okay, so how many more minutes 
until Piers wins?" 

The lesson? Be afraid of Piers, be very, very afraid. 

My favorite moment was when I was talking to Mike about...urr...something.
I forget what, and this was after he destroyed my faith in humanity and
shattered my naivete my cruelly invading a hapless and innocent nation
which wanted to do nothing more than eat flan. (No, I'm not bitter at

Mike: "BTW, when do we betray Piers?"

Me: "Uh...hey Mike, you are aware that you tried to invade my country,

Mike: "Ah, so you spotted the flaw in my cunning plan!!"

After that, I somehow knew that Piers would win. B-)
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