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Playtest of the Octarine Varient

Current AFP Diplomacy Game Status
Results for Spring Fruibat '01 Movement Phase (SFB01M) in Hogfather

Agatean Empire
F Sdi - BHA
A Hng - Sdi
F Bes - PEL

Circle Cities
F Ank Pse
A Omn-Bet
A Eph-Van

F Bla-Rrk
A Gen-Vie
F Kyt-Swa

Hubland Barbarians
F Un2-Hwo
A Hub-Un1
A Vor-Koo

A Mun-Ush
A Gha-Tez

A How-Lao
F Ura-SBe
A Tso-Nef

A Wyr - Gon
A Lla - Rmt
F Chi - HTO

A Ter-Pur

Unless where indicated, the moves are successful.

Muntab did not submit orders for the fleet on the Rimward coast of Rehigreed. It was assumed to be holding.

Next phase is FFB01M with a deadline of Weds 20th Nov, 6pm GMT This 
is slightly longer than it should be as Ydris is away for the w/end - 
please get all negotiations done there ASAP, Ydris should be back on 
tuesday. I'd advise that any mail sent to Ydris be clearly marked so 
that Priority may be given to it. 

May I say that I heartily approve of the practice of sending in 
orders early and amending them later if needed.... If worried about 
processing before deadline then I will honour any "wait" requests.... 

Please wait until deadline
Please notify if all orders are in (though, if two people do this 
then there may be problems!)
Please do not process until 12 hours before the deadline at the 

I have started to receive a diary or two.... I am grateful for this 
an will HTML as I go.

Needless to say that in the future the website will be updated when I 
send the results.

Please don't forget to put "Hogfather GM" somewhere in the subject of any 
Hogfather related mail to me...
You should already be subscribed to the mailing list for 
receiving information. If you're not send a blank email to, the subject should contain 
the word "subscribe" (no quotes) you should receive a welcome
The players are:

Agatean Empire  (A) = Jake N. Aard
Hubland Barbs.  (H) = Piers Forrest
Genua           (G) = Ydris
Ogg             (O) = Mike Smith
Circle Cities   (C) = Hosun Lee
Muntab          (M) = Edward Arthur Buffery 
NefLands        (N) = John Fouhy
XXXX            (X) = Jason Gool

GM                  = Murky B (that's me)
OctThe Varient Details are available.