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Octarine Playtest

Ogg End of Game Statement

Well chaps, that was fun!

The end game happened before I had really got into the stride of my Mid
game!!  There I was, one minute pottering along, trying to decide who to
stab next, Circle Cities or Muntab, the next I find a dirty great Dagger
protruding from my shoulder blades - you know the spot, right where you
can't scratch without first dislocating an elbow!  - Nice one Piersa.

The game was frought with neat little twists and turns, from helping
Agatea to an early grave, to helping Circle Cities survive the onslaught
of the mighty Nef!(as we all know, this turned out NOT to be a good
idea!!, I pissed of Nef and gave the Hublanders the opening to wipe me
off the board(almost))

At the point when Piersa turned on me (See there really is no such thing
as a 'game long ally'!!!!) I had domestic problems - not problems, just
a new baby (NOT a second hand one!!)  This meant that I didnt get a
chance to diplome with either of the muntabs,(Murky can vouch for me
here cos I must have missed the deadline for every second set of orders
- without his delicate prompting - 'Mike send your Bloody orders!', I
would have NMR'd a lot more times than the once when he had to process. 
Thanks, Murky for having me survive as long as I did.  

Without taking anything away from Piersa's Lightning strike into the
heart of Oggish territory, had there been a bit of diploming between Ogg
& Muntab, the game might not have been over when it was.  That said,
Piers really had a strong position, the minute XXXX was doomed.

Anyway, you can read my day to day thoughtm on the game in the 'Ogg
Diaries' as soon as I get the last few entries ready.


BTW, exactly how long did everyone stay in character, I managed Autumn
Fruitbat 01.  Lets face it, there is only one person who can write
Authentic Ogg and he wasn't playing!!
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