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I'd be glad to include [perdita] in the Modern Hall of Fame....

... One more thing. I've looked at the page - and it looks great. Do you plan on running more Modern games?.... [Vincent Mous - Creator of Modern]

How about it, future GMs? Why not try Modern?

The modern homepage. Read comments about Modern. Perdita game history graphs. The Ukrainean controlled Propaganda Rag. Download the Perdita map.
The deposed Turk has set up as a media magnate by offering an Independant News Service from exile in Switzerland.
Modern Strategy
These files were constructed during the game by the GM in order to give the GM a vent for thoughtm and opinions which arose during the game. They were made public after the game had finished. You can grab these pages as a zip file (1.4MB) for offline viewing, be warned though that some of the relative links will no longer work and the icons at the top of each page will be broken.) To view the zip, unzip it to a directory and point your browser at index.htm.

Perdita is a 'modern' game.

Note: Everybody is invited to add comments to these files. Just send me your comment, detailing the year top which it applies, and the place in the file it applies to.

The year of the beginning. The year Russia was invaded.
The year when everyone decided that Turkey was a good holiday destination.
The year when Britain and Turkey were invaded.
The year France appeared to turn on Italy, but didn't, allowing Italy to attack the Ukraine and Egypt without danger to home supply centres.
The Year Turkey finally rolled over and died.
The year which John started off VERY worried, and finished with a threat.
The year the millenium bug came upon us all.
The real start of the new millenium. Big Obelisks discovered all over the place. Italy took a nose dive...
Spain and Russia died, Italy hit three Supply Centres for the first time in the game.
Italy is whittled away further, and loses all home Supply Centres. Britain is still hanging on.
Poland is invaded. Both Britain and Italy still survive.
.... but not for much longer. Italy and Britain are eliminated.
The year in which Hippie (Germany) took Piers (Ukraine) by surprise.
The year in which Hippie (Germany) caught Mikey (France) with his pants (slightly) down. <ick!>
The year Hippie was fought to a standstill.
The year of the draw proposal.
The year where nothing at all changed.
The year Suzi stabbed Mikey, and Hippie's long years of waiting finally brought the alliance to each other's throats.
The year that Hippie almost won.
The year in which Hippie finally conceded the draw.
End of Game Statements
Statements from the survivors.
Here is the player list at the outset (and end!) of the game:
Britain Jim Hill
Egypt Suzi Holyoake
France Mike Smith
Germany Hippie
Italy John Fouhy
Poland Drew Buddie
Russia Ross A Chapman
Spain Jason Gool
Turkey David Ashton
Ukraine Piers Forrest