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Upon seeing the last set of orders, Mikey provided us with the following:
A Switz Hold
A Lyo Mar
F Mar Lig
F Gol Support F Mar Lig
A Bar Support A Nav Mad
A Nav Mad

<GM EYES ONLY> But of COURSE Mikey...

More comments on the moves above.

I expect German Mun to support Switz hold, The Lyo army is redeploying to cover the sc in mar and still support switz hold. I really need another army in this area to hold out against an (expected) italian offensive. (are there any other kind of italians?)

I expect british support for the move to SAO. this would (assuming the spanish fleet supports the army Gib Sve, ensure both the spic loses sve in the fall and I get either Mor or another fleet into the Med.

I can then hold in Spain and help the brit gain an sc. I am in cahoots with the german, but this doesnt mean I cant help the brit stay afloat for a while! the fleets in the med are really just preempting an italian break of trust(Lig is a supposed DMZ but I reckon that now is the best time for him to try and pressure me with a fleet in Lig. this coupled with an army in Pie (another DMZ) would seriously damage my well beoing. at least with one or the other , I can hold off quite well.(He said - famous last words)

I am trying to organise a czech/french/egyptian anti-italy coalition Czech?!!, but it is very early days yet. the eytie might not threaten me just yet as his eastern gains are by no means secure.

John enlightens us with these pearls of wisdom:
Time to try and crack the Egyptian nut, I think. Otherwise, Suzi will just march north, largely unhindered, and then she'd have to be a real candidate for winner. I could try and play the game of setting myself up as the only player who can stop her winning, but I don't think that would work very well. :-)

The plan here is to take Libya (incidentally, is the abbreviation here LIB ? On the map, Libya is just Libya, but the Libyan Sea is accompanied by the abbrev. LBN, which suggests LIB might be correct, but one wouldn't want to make a mistake..(I'll probably spell it out anyway)), obviously, and also to try and put a fleet into the eastern Med (I should be able to succede at this). If I control EME, and Egypt's armies are up in Turkey (I have suggested she move SYR-ADA and convoy CAI-SYR, which, IMO, is an excellent plan, provided Italy is on your side), then, apart from two fleets (and any builds - unfortunately, she should get at least one), her homeland is undefended. I do worry that she will try and attack both AEG and LBN (attacking AEG from IZM would mean I could take it successfully with a supported attack, whereas otherwise I could not. The fact that I could not may persuade her to gamble on the fact that I won't. I don't know. I will probably have to attack from LBN anyway.. I considered leaving the fleet in ION, but putting it in LBN forces her to try and defend Alexandria (probably by convoying an army back (all this assuming A-CAI is convoyed out into Syria or Adana, which I sincerely hope it will be)).

All this is of course also running the risk of making Germany (and possibly France, or Poland) decide that this Italy bugger is getting too damn big, and it's time we did something about it. I may be best off waiting for Germany to invade France (Hippie has said he is thinking about it (MUN-ALS, SAX-MUN could reap dividends this turn anyway, but I don't know if it will happen or not)), but that could well be too late. I feel that waiting any longer at all could well be too late, as otherwise, by the next build, Egypt could be two or three units stronger, myself one, possibly two, and Spain even deader (and France thus with more free time).

And so again, the die is cast. I feel that the coming week or two may be very interesting in Perdita and Jingo both...

(JOOC: Jooc? What IS John on? Are you saving this stuff? Yes I'd write it anyway, because it helps to get things clear in my mind if I write my plans down, and may help me catch the more obvious errors (reference: Vetinari and Leonard of Quirm, _Jingo_), but it'd be nice if they won't just vanish into the bit bucket after a while..)

BTW: What happened on afp .... <Snipped>

Suzi (Egypt) quotes several emails for our delectation and delight, first in reply to a letter from Mike:
Mike, you wrote:
> I have followed your continued success with interest.
>I am pleased things go well for you. Have you had
>any thoughtm on the rise of the Italian empire. The
>turkish menace was well dealt with, and I wondered
>how you are placed for a spot of lunch in Rome in
>the next few years?

I have been tardy with my diplomatic messages to the beautiful lands of France. For this I most heartily apologise.

I would like to extend that hand of friendship to your nation in the hopes that with an alliance we may both profit.

In the short term (ie. this year) I do need to concentrate on securing the middle east, but if you let me know how you think we can mutually benefit each other I will definitely examine your thoughtm with interest and give them every consideration - especially as it would now seem that Italy is large enough to be a threat to us both! One thought I feel that could be worthy of consideration is a three way alliance between yourself, myself and Germany... give this some thought and let me know how you would feel aout this - it could enable the three of us to suppress Italy and stop the advance into our countries, and seeing as yours and mine are Italy's next logical targets....

Anyway - I send this in the hope that we can work together, and I await our reply with anticipation.

Empress Cleo

Then in reply to Hippie (Germany):

Hippie, you wrote:
> Well,sadly with the Polish stab of the Ukrainian
>this fall,You are in extreme danger of being
>attacked by the italian.He has no other natural
>enemies that are in a position to threaten him
>and you will(he thinks) struggle to gain allies in
>the east as they are busy with the pole. You must
>speak with the russian and Ukrainian post haste
>and get a united fron against both the Turk, Pole
>and Italian. How you go about this is of course
>entirely your own thing. I would say though that
>eliminating the turk quickly would mean that you
>will not have to split all your forces so much.
>Also gaining control of the med is paramount in
>stopping the Italian and fleets would be benficial.

>I of course am in a position to put pressure on
>the Italian and Pole in the north.This however
>will not be for at least another year and would
>also need the help of either the French or the
>spanish. The Frenchman at the mo is rather nervous
>of my forces heading westwards so this in itself
>may prove tricky.

Many thanks for your thoughtm. I can confirm that at the moment my immediate aim (1998) is security in the middle east.

For the longer term - I too feel that the Italian may prove to become a threat to all the nations around him, but like you I must concentrate my efforts in securing my immediate goal for this year. Would it be possible, do you feel, to explore the possibilities of yourself, myself and France forming a three-way alliance ready for 1999 which could be used to suppress the Italian nation? This is just one of many possibilities, but it is one which I think would suit all three of us well!

I await your reply with anticipation.

Empress Cleo

To Piers Suzi wrote:
I think we need to start discussing our longer term alliance for when Turkey has been taken care of. As we will now be neighbours, I think it best that we try to come to some agreement about strategy - and to open discussions for this next phase of our campaigns, I will start by asking for your views on where you think we can continue to mutually benefit, even if this is just a case of continuing to leave the new border as it is so that we can both concentrate our efforts elsewhere!

I believe that the Italian could become a very real threat to us both. I also know that you have probably got your hands full with the Pole at the moment after his traitorous stab into your homelands in the Autumn. So if talking to Egypt is not the highest of your priorities at the moment, I do understand, but do not leave it too late or we may both end up succumbing to Italy, who looks well set to move in on both our territories.

Hmm, Suzi seems to have got the gist of this game a little too well, I shall have to keep my eye on her when we meet across a board.

Ross comments:

There we go. Piers has decided to offer the olive branch for the third time, and the opportunity to gain 1 or 2 SCs is too good to take up. I'll probably regret it later, but you get that.

I can tell Poland it's repayment for nicking Sweden from me.

Here were the results:

British Army Britain
F nwy-nth (*bounce*)
F edi s A lvp-yor (*cut*)
F eng-lon (*bounce*)
F wal s F eng-lon
A lvp-yor (*bounce*)
Egyptian Army Egypt
F (Lib) hold
F (Izm) hold
F (EME) c A (Cai) - Ada
A (Cai) - Ada (*bounce*)
A (Ana) s A (Cai) - Ada
F (Irq) - PER
A (Syr) - Irq
French Army France
A Switz Hold
A Lyo Mar
F Mar Lig
F Gol Support F Mar Lig
A Bar mad
A Nav Support A Bar Mad
German Army Germany
A Mun s Army Sax
A Sax s Army Mun
F Ham to Hol
F Den Hold
F NTH to Edi (*bounce*)
F Lon To ENG (*bounce*)
F Bel s Fleet Lon to ENG
A Yor to Lon (*bounce*)
Italian Army Italy
F IST s Ukrainian F ANK h
Polish Army Poland
F Swe H
F GOB - Bal
A Bie - CRP (*bounce*, *dislodged*)
A War - Bie (*bounce*)
A Cze - Slo
A Kie H
A Pod H
A Kra s Pod
Russian Army Russia
A Ural S A Mur -- Gor
A Mur -- Gor
A Mos -- Biel
A Lat S A Mos -- Biel
F Geo H
Spanish Army Spain
A Mad S A Gib-Sve (*dislodged*)
F SAO-Por (*dislodged*)
A Gib-Sve
Turkish Army Turkey
A Iran S A Ada
A Ada S A Iran (*cut*)
Ukrainean Army Ukraine
A CRP S Russian A Mos-Bie (*cut*)
A Ros-Geo (*bounce*)
F Ank H
A Hun-Pod (*bounce*)
A Rum S A Hun-Pod
A Vol-Kha
The Polish unit in Bie retreats to Lit.

The Spanish unit in Mad retreats to And.

The Spanish fleet in SAO Mor.

So, we see John in the position to mount an Egyptian offensive, John continues with:

I have hopefully convinced France to withdraw. I have also used the fact that France is looking threatening to convince Suzi that I am going to withdraw instead of attacking her, which should gain me an extra turn of surprise.

In other words: I'm pulling a Dirty Trick on Suzi, and hoping that France is not pulling the same Dirty Trick on me. :-)

(and if he is, I'm going to be up a certain creek without a certain method of propulsion)

Piers has also stated that if I attack him, he's going to do his damndest to get Germany and France to attack me for all they're worth. That could pose a problem, although if France genuinely does withdraw, he will have more trouble. (if France keeps with the attacking, Germany might decide to join in anyway)

I am currently the largest player. This turn could decide whether or not I will remain so for much longer.. :-)

With that in mind, here are the results for the end of 1998:

British Army Britain (Jim Hill)
F nwy-nth (*bounce*)
F edi s A lvp-yor
F eng-lon (*bounce*, *dislodged*)
F wal s F eng-lon (*cut*)
A lvp-yor
F por-MAO
Egyptian Army Egypt (Suzi Holyoake)
A (Irq) - Irn
F (PER) s A (Irq) - Irn
A (Cai) - Ale
F (Lib) hold (*dislodged*)
A (Ana) s F (EME) - Ada
F (EME) - Ada
F (Izm) hold
French Army France (Mike Smith)
F SAO Sve (*bounce*)
A Mad Hold
A Nav Support A Mad Hold
F Gol Bar
F Lig Hold
A Mar Support A Switz Hold
A Switz hold
German Army Germany (Hippie)
F Bel s F NTH - ENG
F Lon s A Yor - Wal (*cut*)
F Hol to NTH
F Den s F Hol - NTH
A Yor to Wal (*dislodged*, *disbanded NRP*)
A Mun s A Sax
A Sax s A Mun
Italian Army Italy (John Fouhy)
F IST s Ukrainian F ANK h
Polish Army Poland (Drew Buddie)
F Swe h
F Bal s A Lit
A Lit h
A War h
A Kra - Cze
A Slo - Hun (*bounce*)
A Pod s A Kie (*cut*)
A Kie s A Pod (*cut*, *dislodged*, *disbanded NRP*)
Russian Army Russia (Ross A Chapman)
A Ura -- Vol
A Gor S A Ura -- Vol
A Bie S A Lat H
A Lat S A Bie H
F Geo H.
Spanish Army Spain (Jason Gool)
A And-Mad (*bounce*)
A Sve S A And-Mad (*cut*)
F Mor-SAO (*bounce*)
Turkish Army Turkey (David Ashton)
A Iran S A Ada (*cut*, *dislodged*)
A Ada S A Iran (*cut*, *dislodged*)
Ukrainean Army Ukraine (Piers Forrest)
F Ank H
A Rum-Ode
A Hun-Pod (*bounce*, *dislodged*, *disbanded NRP*)
A Ros-Don
A Kha S A CRP-Kie

The Egyptian fleet in Libya retreats to the Libyan sea.

The British fleet in Eng may retreats to Iri.

Turkey goes out with a bang by ordering retreats of A Iran Iraq and A Ada Iraq. These units are duly removed from the board.

The following table summarises the changing SC situation:

B Edi, Lvp, Nwy, Ire, Svl, Por, -Sve = -1
E Ale, Asw, Cai, Sau, -Lib, Isr, Izm, +Ada, +Ira = +1
F Bor, Lyo, Mar, Par, Mon, Swi, Bar, +Mad = +1
G Ber, Fra, Ham, Mun, Hol, Bel, Den, Lon = +0
I Mil, Nap, Rom, Ven, Aus, Cro, Tun,
Ser, Bul, Gre, Ist, +Lib, +Hun, +Rum = +3
P Gda, Kra, War, -Bie, Lit, Cze, -Kie, Swe = -2
R Gor, Mos, Mur, StP, Geo, +Bie = +1
S -Mad, Mor, Gib, +Sve = +0
T -Ada, -Ira = -2
U Kha, Ode, Sev, Ros, -Hun, -Rum, Ank, +Kie = -1

The following table summarises the changing situation, detailing the number of units currently owned, the number of SC's and the number of available adjustments, after the number of free SCs has been considered. A positive adjust number means that builds are due, a negative number means that units are to be removed. Note, builds do not have to be taken, they can be waived - please send a waive order to the GM if you wish to do this.

Also detailed are the number of SC's required to win (the win condition is 33 SC's).

Power Current Units Current SCs Available Adjusts SCs needed to win
Britain 6 5 -1 28
Egypt 7 8 +2 25
France 7 8 +1 25
Germany 7 8 +1 25
Italy 11 14 +2 19
Poland 7 6 -1 27
Russia 5 6 +1 27
Spain 3 3 -- 30
Turkey 0 0 N/A N/A
Ukraine 6 6 -- 27

The following table contains a game summary, broken down by power.

The NMR/Late score are for the current player.

Power Late NMR Start 95 End 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Britain 0 0 4 7 7 6 5
Egypt 0 0 3 6 6 7 8
France 0 0 4 6 6 7 8
Germany 0 0 4 7 7 8 8
Italy 0 0 4 7 8 11 14
Poland 2 0 3 6 6 8 6
Russia 1 0 5 5 6 5 6
Spain 1 0 3 4 3 3 3
Turkey 0 0 4 8 7 2 -
Ukraine 0 0 4 7 7 7 6

No players have yet dropped out of this game. Though Ydris has been eliminated.

The following table contains a game summary, broken down by SC. Sc's are grouped roughly according to geographical area.

            Start End
      SC       95 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
         Libya  .  E  E  E  I
       Morocco  .  B  S  S  S
       Tunisia  .  I  I  I  I
     Edinburgh  B  B  B  B  B
     Gibraltar  B  B  B  S  S
     Liverpool  B  B  B  B  B
        London  B  B  B  G  G
-Central Europe-----------------------------------------------------
       Austria  .  I  I  I  I
      Bulgaria  .  T  T  I  I
       Croatia  .  I  I  I  I
Czechoslovakia  .  P  P  P  P
        Greece  .  T  T  I  I
       Hungary  .  U  U  U  I
       Rumania  .  U  U  U  I
        Serbia  .  .  I  I  I
    Alexandria  E  E  E  E  E
         Aswan  E  E  E  E  E
         Cairo  E  E  E  E  E
      Bordeaux  F  F  F  F  F
          Lyon  F  F  F  F  F
    Marseilles  F  F  F  F  F
         Paris  F  F  F  F  F
        Berlin  G  G  G  G  G
     Frankfurt  G  G  G  G  G
       Hamburg  G  G  G  G  G
        Munich  G  G  G  G  G
         Milan  I  I  I  I  I
        Naples  I  I  I  I  I
          Rome  I  I  I  I  I
        Venice  I  I  I  I  I
--Middle East-------------------------------------------------------
          Iran  .  T  T  T  E
        Israel  .  E  E  E  E
  Saudi Arabia  .  E  E  E  E
        Gdansk  P  P  P  P  P
        Krakow  P  P  P  P  P
        Warsaw  P  P  P  P  P
         Gorky  R  R  R  R  R
        Moscow  R  R  R  R  R
      Murmansk  R  R  R  R  R
        Rostov  R  U  U  U  U
St. Petersburg  R  R  R  R  R
   Bielorussia  .  P  P  P  R
       Georgia  .  T  R  R  R
     Lithuania  .  P  P  P  P
       Denmark  .  G  G  G  G
        Norway  .  B  B  B  B
        Sweden  .  R  R  P  P
     Barcelona  S  S  S  F  F
        Madrid  S  S  S  S  F
       Seville  S  S  B  B  S
         Adana  T  T  T  T  E
        Ankara  T  T  T  U  U
      Istanbul  T  T  T  I  I
        Izmair  T  T  T  E  E
          Kiev  U  U  U  P  U
       Kharkov  U  U  U  U  U
        Odessa  U  U  U  U  U
    Sevastipol  U  U  U  U  U
-West Europe--------------------------------------------------------
       Belgium  .  G  G  G  G
       Holland  .  G  G  G  G
       Ireland  .  B  B  B  B
        Monaco  .  F  F  F  F
      Portugal  .  S  S  B  B
   Switzerland  .  F  F  F  F
Britain disbands the fleet in MAO.

Egypt builds a fleet in Cairo.

France builds an army in Lyon.

Germany builds an Army in Hamburg.

Italy builds a fleet in Naples and an Army in Venice.

Poland disbands the army in Warsaw.

Russia builds an army in Moscow.

It should be seen that John has become very dangerous, making enemies across the map. Egypt is in most imminent danger, though Ukraine and Poland both stand to be seriously hardmed...

All players should be wary of Italy conquering Egypt, this would effectively make Italy a corner power, with potential to build units in the centre of Europe, the power least directly affected is Russia, but even Russia should be aware that should Italy get any stronger then it is in Russia's interest to allow others to make a defence.

I strongly suspect an international anti-Italian alliance soon, as alluded to by Mikey (though he did not seem to pull it off last turn), with France, Germany, Egypt, Ukraine and possibly Poland all working together. Other powers (i.e. Russia, Britain and Spain will probably be excluded for security reasons - Britain and Spain as they may try to make a deal exchanging information for an attack upon their invaders. Russia will be excluded as she cannot influence events directly, though she may be told by Poland and Ukraine "Look, Italy is a problem - keep your nose out" without any detail being passed on. Even with the alliance mentioned above, France will want to secure Spain first, and Germany will continue to commit forces against Britain.

Upon submitting Build orders, Mikey said:

I am building in Lyon because................
  1. Mar is not available for a fleet, although I could do with another in the med sharpish,
  2. Bordeaux is too far from the front-line-to-be - ie. the italian/french border.
  3. I want to support Switzerland while moving into Piedmont in the spring. There is an egyptian/german/french anti-italian alliance being formed (I hope!!) and we may be able to slow his growth soon. - we had better cos me or the egyptian is next!
The state of play in the 'Perdita' Game at the end of 1998
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