The Luggage Discworld Hints - A slightly more insistent shove The Luggage


Problem: How do I get started in the game?

Search Rincewind's room, to see what you find, then keep your appointment....

Problem: How do I find out what objects I need?

A chinwag with the Arch-Chancellor is in order.....

Problem: I can't get out of the university....

Have you seen the Arch-Chancellor? And do you know the hand wiggles?

Problem: I can't get the luggage to wake up..

A poke in the lid with a blunt stick should do it...

Problem: The Librarian is less than helpful..

What does an Orangutang like?

Problem: I can't get into the palace.......

Your wife is a big hippo.

Problem: I can't get/find the Staff of Tumultous Thaumatergy.....

Who in UU has a magic staff? And can you think of a suitable replacement for it?

Problem: I can't get/find the Spiral of Neverending Induction.....

A hair roller is a spiral.. but how are you going to pick it out?

Problem: I can't get/find the Miniature creature of excitable chitters.....

Movie cameras come with an imp as standard.. if only you could get that Alchemist out of the way...

Problem: The Miniature creature went into hiding and it won't come out!...

You'll need to fish the creature out.. you'll need a line, and something as suitable bait..

Problem: I can't get/find the Sample of Breath.....

The tower holds the key... you'll need to get onto the rooftops to reflect on it, though.

Problem: I can't get/find the Container of ferrous material.....

Some pans are made of iron... only they're usually in use...

Problem: What do I do with the dragon detector?

Listen up - you're getting warmer.


Problem: How do I find out who the monks are?

If you could get into their hide out... a disguise might help.

Problem: How do I unlock L-Space?

What's that the sleazy guy has behind his ear?

Problem: How do I get a monks robe?

Have you heard about Chaos Theory? Something to do with butterflies and rainstorms, or something.... that might shed some light on things, but remember to allow yourself plenty of time.

Problem: I can't find the glass..

The Drum is the right place to look, but you'll need to pick out the right drink.. what would you drink in a glass? Keep your eyes open.

Problem: Where do I get a password?

Try hanging around the hideout... sooner or later, the thief will have to show up....

Problem: Who are the monks?

If you can get into the hideout, you should be able to recognize them...

Problem: Where do I get a gate pass?

What was the scared guy on about? He sounded like he was inn trouble the other night....

Problem: How do I get the item from the fool?

A fool and his hat are soon dirtied.

Problem: How do I get the item from the dunnyman?

Get him a snack.

Problem: How do I get the item from the chimney sweep?

Do you know a chimney that could be blocked? And shaken up?

Problem: How do I get the item from the fishmonger?

He doesn't seem to be bothered what he eats... and octopuses can be very determined when fed properly..

Problem: The apprentice won't share his prunes with me...

Now.. if you could call that apprentice to dinner, he'd be sure to drop everything.. ring any bells.. you might need to investigate L-Space for this one...

Problem: How do I get the item from the mason?

If he's a freemason, he must have some sort of secret handshake...

Problem: How do I get the item from the thief?

The ladder makes quite a racket.. perhaps it needs padding...

Problem: I've got all the items, and given them to the dragon. He got quite nasty.. what now?

Looks like you were too late.... nothing could be done once they had the dragon book.. now, if you were to replace it....

Problem: How do I prove Rincewind's a man?

Reading can prove useful.... what's special about the Ladies of Negotiable Affection?

Problem: Ingredients? What ingredients?

Take one egg from a mountain dwelling beast, milk, shaken of course, and flour found exactly where you'd expect to find it.

Problem: What do I do with Nanny Ogg?

Distract her and then act quickly.


Problem: What does a hero need?

Everyone has their own idea of what you need....

Problem: How can the gate guard help?

You won't need all the items.. just a combination.. what would Rincewind look really silly wearing?

Problem: How can the bogeyman help?

That door is too tight....

Problem: Where do I find a sword that goes ting?

Chucky is hiding something in the dungeons.. once you've turned that one over, maybe Carrot can help.

Problem: Where do I find camelflage?

Ash is quite dark.....

Problem: Where do I get a moustache?

Cutting off a donkey's tail? But that's cruel! Besides, he'd never let you..

Problem: How do I get a tattoo?

The inn is open for business.. maybe the patrons could help you... but the parrot could drive you over the edge.

Problem: How do I get a magic spell?

Where are magic books stored?

Problem: How do I get a talisman?

The old timers might be able to help... as will the braggart.. but you'll have to get the truth out of him....


Problem: How do I dispose of the dragon?

Fire Mambo up, and point him in the direction of the 'enemy'.