The Luggage Discworld Hints - Spoilers The Luggage


Problem: How do I get started in the game?

Open the wardrobe, get the pouch, then head down the wooden stairs, and left, into the arch-chancellor's room...

Problem: How do I find out what objects I need?

The Arch-Chancellor will tell you to get a book from the library. Once you have brought this back to him, he will tell you what the objects are... and if you need to check the list again, use the book in the luggage.

Problem: I can't get out of the university....

Once the Arch-Chancellor has told you to get the objects, you can ask the apprentice near the gates for the new hand wiggles, using the (?) sign...

Problem: I can't get the luggage to wake up..

Head downstairs, and grab the broom from inside the closet. Take it upstairs, and use it to wake up the luggage. You must wake the luggage before you can get the book from the library.

Problem: The Librarian is less than helpful..

Give him the banana from the luggage, and he will find the book you need.

Problem: I can't get into the palace.......

Talk to the guards, and ask them each a q.. this will get them fighting each other. In act II you will need to use ink blots on them. And on Act III you will need to use the leeches from Dibbler.

Problem: I can't get/find the Staff of Tumultous Thaumatergy.....

Use the broom on Windle Poons' staff...

Problem: I can't get/find the Spiral of Neverending Induction.....

Look at the hair roller in the woman's hair, in the Barbers. Then, talk to her. She will tell the barber to take it out. You can then distract the barber by talking to him, then using pickpocket skill on him (from the urchin) on his pocket.

Problem: I can't get/find the Miniature creature of excitable chitters.....

Go to the alchemist's shop, after getting some corn from the stables. Use the corn in the flask, to make him duck. Look at the camera, use the cable release to release the imp, then try to grab him. The imp will leap down the sink, and into the hole outside.

Problem: The Miniature creature went into hiding and it won't come out!...

Go to the toyshop, and get the ball of string. Go to the town square, and get a tomato, and throw it at the man in the stocks. Get another tomato and a worm will be inside.. after the tomato falls, get the worm off the floor, and use the string on it. Use this on the hole near the alchemists to lure the imp out.

Problem: I can't get/find the Sample of Breath.....

Head up to the tower, with the mirror from the jester's dressing room. Use it on the end of the flagpole to attract the dragon, who will breath on it.

Problem: I can't get/find the Container of ferrous material.....

Use a ladder to get through the window at the back of the University, and use a net to steal a pancake. The chef will storm off in a huff, and you can nip in and pinch his frying pan.

Problem: What do I do with the dragon detector?

The bleeping will become more frequent, as you get nearer to the dragon's lair. What you are looking for is the small orange building in the bottom left of the map, so you can go straight there.


Problem: How do I find out who the monks are?

You will need the monks robe, and the password.

Problem: How do I unlock L-Space?

Give the sleazy guy all the gold you have, and he will give you a golden banana. You can give this to the librarian who will open l-space for you.

Problem: How do I get a monks robe?

Go to the park in the past, and use the frog on the sleeping Rincewind. You can then use the net to catch the butterfly. Take it to the corner in the past, where the monk will eventually stand, and use it on the lamp. Then, in the future, you can grab the robe from the washing line in the alley.

Problem: I can't find the glass..

Go to the Drum, then look at the green bottle on the shelf near the bar. Speak to the barman again, and RW will ask for a glass of counterwise wine... take the glass that is left on the bar, and there you go...

Problem: Where do I get a password?

Order a drink during the day, and take the glass. Go to the hideout in the night, turn the drainpipe, then use the glass on the drainpipe behind the fence when the thief arrives..

Problem: Who are the monks?

The monks are: The fool, the fishmonger, the dunnyman, the mason, the thief, and the chimneysweep

Problem: Where do I get a gate pass?

Grab the sheet from the inn during the day, and in the night, go to the inn where the scared guy sleeps. Wear the sheet, and open the jewelery box. Rincewind will take over from there, till he finds a hammer, and rather bemused by this, puts it down. Go back to the day, and ask the scared guy what the ghost did with the hammer. Go back to the night, and try again. Rincewind will smash the box, and get the pass.

Problem: How do I get the item from the fool?

Use the garbage can from the back of the university, and ram it on the fool's head. He will go to wash, so head into his room, and try to sneak get the hat. You will get it eventually.

Problem: How do I get the item from the dunnyman?

Get a doughnut from Dibbler, and give it to the dunnyman. Then, talk to the milkmaid in the psychiatrickerists, and take the letter she gives you, and show it to the barber. Then, use the machine to grab the tooth..

Problem: How do I get the item from the chimney sweep?

Get a hogfather doll from the bargain bin in the toyshop, and stick it down a chimney on the rooftops, near where you stand. Get a keg of gunpowder from the crate at the city gate, and put it in the fireplace of the alchemists shop. Use the string on the keg, and head outside to light it. The brush will fall into the luggage.

Problem: How do I get the item from the fishmonger?

Use octopus and love custard on the toilet, then use the prunes on the caviar. Go to the toilet, and collect the belt.

Problem: The apprentice won't share his prunes with me...

To get the prunes, you will need to ring the dinner gong in the main hall, but you need to get the drumstick from the past, namely the Broken Drum's sign, and start a fight first to distract the bouncer.

Problem: How do I get the item from the mason?

The street starfish will teach you the handshake if you can prove you are a man. Use it on the mason.

Problem: How do I get the item from the thief?

After getting the handshake and trying it on the old timers, you will get a bra. Use it on the ladder, to pad it. You will then be able to get into the thief's hovel without waking him.

Problem: I've got all the items, and given them to the dragon. He got quite nasty.. what now?

Use the custard book from Nanny Ogg on the dragon book in the past, then put the book in the empty place and wait for the thief to steal it. End of Act II

Problem: How do I prove Rincewind's a man?

Read the grafitti at night in the toilet in the lavatory, and ask the Ladies of Negotiable affection for a special.

Problem: Ingredients? What ingredients?

For the coconut, go to the edge of the world, and shake the tree, fish out the coconut, then crack it open with the screwdriver. For the flour, simply look in the kitchen of Unseen University.. For an egg, go to the mountain pass, and after the luggage bops the creature , grab the egg.

Problem: What do I do with Nanny Ogg?

Talk to her, and when she puckers up, grab the custard book.


Problem: What does a hero need?

Talk to absolutely everyone you can find. You will be given suggestions of what you need to be a hero, eight in total.

Problem: How can the gate guard help?

You should have a total of eight suggestions of what to use. You will need to put all of them on Rincewind except the mask and pouch. The chances should then be a million to one.

Problem: How can the bogeyman help?

Loosen the door with the screwdriver, and after talking to the barman about the wine that the dwarves want, talk to the bogeyman...

Problem: Where do I find a sword that goes ting?

Use the crank from the wishing well in the woods on Chucky's rack in the dungeons. Then, get the sword, and chat to Carrot, who will tell you of a dwarf mine, where you can get it tuned.

Problem: Where do I find camelflage?

Get the spatula from the kitchen, and use it to scrape the ash off the burnt wall in the shades.

Problem: Where do I get a moustache?

Clean the mud off the Donkey Cart bar,note the number, then use the knife on the ladder on the Rooftops. When the assassin falls, tell him the number of the donkey cart. The donkey will be be put in the stocks, so you can cut his brush off.

Problem: How do I get a tattoo?

Talk to the sailor at the inn. You will need to retrieve his parrot and whistle from the edge of the world, but first you must silence Gaspode with a glue covered bone (poor thing)...

Problem: How do I get a magic spell?

There is a magic book in the bottom right corner of the library.

Problem: How do I get a talisman?

You'll need to ask the old timers about the talisman. Then, get the truth potion from Nanny Ogg, and use it on the braggart (although you might need an extra picture)


Problem: How do I dispose of the dragon?

Get the gold dragon from the sanctuary, use him on the coal at the dwarven smithy, and also the dungeons. Use a firecracker on him, and you're read to go... then, after the sequence in the square, use the custard tart on the big dragon. Voila! Finished....