The Luggage Discworld 2 Hints - A slightly more insistent shove The Luggage

ACT I: The Rite Stuff

Problem: How do I get the glitter?

A: You'll find plenty of glitter on the milkmaid's dress. Now, if you could only get it. Remember a famous grate scene from a Marilyn Monroe movie?

Problem: How do I get the smell?

A: Foul Ole Ron has a smell hanging around.. but you'll need bait and a trap to catch it. Mrs Cake can help.

Problem: How do I get the sticks?

A: Notice the mallets that the Unseen University wizards are playing with? Those should do. But you'll need to sneakily substitute something for each mallet.

Problem: How do I get the mouse blood?

A: Visit Gimlet's in the Shades, and place an order. Then visit the vampire - you'll need to 'borrow' his fangs.

Problem: How do I get the candles?

Look around the travelling shop, and then have a word with the shopkeeper.

Problem: How do I get Mrs Cake to make sense?

A: She has her precognition on, and she's giving answers to questions that you haven't even asked yet. Just make sure you ask questions that match her answers.

Problem: How do I get the ladder from Casanunda?

A: You need to find him a woman who'll be a real challenge. Dead would be pretty challenging.

Problem: How do I get the vampire's fangs?

A: You'll need a ladder, and you'll also need to persuade the vampire that it's morning. The rooster will be able to help, but you'll need a way to knock it out and wake it up later.

Problem: How do I make dribbly beeswax?

A: Give the beekeeper some reading material to get rid of him, put something hot on the bees' food, don some protective clothing and smoke the bees out.

ACT II: Come Die With Me

Problem: How do I get to XXXX?

A: By ship - visit the docks.

Problem: How do I get a death certificate?

A: Have a word with the dead collector, who'll point you in the right direction.

Problem: How do I prove Rincewind's dead?

A: You need to find ways of making Rincewind appear that he's not breathing, he has no pulse, and that he has a low body temperature.

Problem: How do I get a novelty for the clickie?

A: Go to the docks, and use something heavy to break into the novelty warehouse.

Problem: How do I get a babe for the clickie?

A: Persuade the troll to let you into the trailer, chat with the babe - you'll need a certain item to get her to co-operate.. maybe the troll can help again.

Problem: How do I get a Jingle?

A: Uri Djeller will point you in the direction of someone who can write you a jingle. But the jingle-writer wants the answer to an unsual question..

Problem: How do I get Death out of make-up?

A: Go to the make-up room in Holywood, and find out what the make-up girl wants.

Problem: How do I get Hex working again?

A: You'll have to replace the ants you let out earlier. XXXX has a few spare. You'll need bait, too. And a way to get the ants into the machine.

Problem: Where do I get a band to play the Jingle?

A: Go to the mound in the desert, and have a chat with the folks you find there. Now, if you can just get them untied.

Problem: How do I find the Elven Circle?

A: Find Granny Weatherwax, and ask her. You'll need to stop Casanunda bothering her, though.

Problem: How do I get to see the Elven Queen?

A: You need to get a costume from the costume dwarf - but she won't give it to you till you can find her a piece of costume jewellery. And you'll need a volunteer to share the costume, and something to make the costume look a little more like a unicorn.

Problem: How do I take a picture of the Elven Queen?

A: Borrow a camera from Holywood, and round up an imp for it.. easier said than done. You'll need to find a way of getting the little blighter back from the scenery. A boomerang could prove useful.

Problem: Where do I find a stunt double for Death?

A: Find the Fresh Start club in the corner of Shades - you'll need ID before they let you in, though.

Problem: How do I get the double to co-operate?

A: You'll have to prove where his ancestors came from. Try surfing XXXX.

Problem: How do I get people to like the clickie?

A: Remember the effect the Elven Queen has on people? See that film splicing machine?

ACT III: The Grim Rincewind

Problem: How do I get to be Death?

A: Check with someone who's been serving him for a long time.

Problem: How do I get a booming voice?

A: Try the chimney, if you can get up there. The boomerang might come in handy again.

Problem: How do I get a black robe?

A: Nick the curtains from the hall, for a start. Now, if you can just find a way to make them blacker. Got any ink? And some black water?

Problem: How do I prove I can ride Binky?

A: Make friends with Binky.. bribery usually helps. Then find a way to stick to the saddle.

Problem: How do I prove I can use the scythe?

A: Build something to help you reap a little faster.

Problem: Where do I get Susan something to read?

A: Give her some suitable reading material. Then see about getting her something with pictures. You'll need a little illumination.

Problem: How do I collect a hundred souls?

A: Find the ant souls in the garden, and work out a way of getting them all together.

Problem: How do I keep the bees out of the way?

A: Head protection can be found in Susan's room, and you can find something in the kitchen to make smoke.

ACT IV: Till Death Do Us Part

Problem: How do I refill Death's hourglass?

A: Find a source of magical sand.

Problem: How do I find out where the prospector goes?

A: Notice how those vultures trail Rincewind wherever he goes? How can you get them to follow the prospector? They're after something.

Problem: What do I do at the Fountain of Youth?

A: Take something from Bonestock, and put a plug in the Fountain. Then remember what you came for.

EPILOGUE: Queen Kong

Problem: How do I deal with the giant Elven Queen?

A: Get Granny Weatherwax to part with her broomstick.. see if you can distract her. Remember the raven? Then get some ammunition, and take to the skies.