Discworld Noir centres around the 'adventures' of Lewton, a private investigator, who is asked by a not particularly bad looking broad to take on a case, a case that turns out to be more trouble than it's worth. It's hard to to say much more without ruining the game completely, but there will be plenty of plot twists and turns, cults, conspiracies, and the odd nasty entity or two. Discworld Noir's story is not based upon any of the existing Discworld books, and has been written from scratch by the people at Perfect Entertainment, and has earned Terry Pratchett's seal of approval. As well as several well known characters, such as The Patrician, Vimes, Nobby and Death, Lewton will also bump into quite a few less familiar characters, on the right and the wrong side of the law. Here are just a few of the characters that will play a part in the game:

Lewton: The star of Discworld Noir, Lewton is the Discworld's first PI, and former watchman who left the watch in mysterious circumstances who he finds himself in a whole lot of trouble when a broad walks into his office and gives him a case that turns out to be more complicated than it looks.
Carlotta Von Uberwald: Carlotta is the aforementioned femme fatale, who walks into Lewton's office and gives him what appears to be a straightforward case. However, as the game progresses, it becomes clear that, in true film noir style, she has ulterior motives.
Al Khali: This character is Horsts dwarven associate, a sneaky, devious creature who isn't exactly trustworthy.
Horst: A troll with a granite finger in a great many pies, Horst, on another world, would probably be played Sidney Greenstreet, and can prove to be a useful source of information and illicit goods, although whether his information is on the level is something Lewton will have to work out for himself.
Ilsa: Ilsa is Lewton's old flame, currently engaged to an Agatean Archaeologist, but whom Lewton still holds a torch for. But does she still harbour any feels for Lewton? Only time will tell.
Two Conkers: The Agatean Archaeologist to whom Ilsa, Lewton's former flame, is engaged, Two Conkers spends a lot of time poking around in trenches looking for artifacts, though he's more Tony Robinson than Indiana Jones. He also bears a passing resemblance to a certain Agatean tourist whom Discworld fans may be familiar with.
Leonard Da Quirm: An inventor with a gift for coming up with strange, complicated and sometimes dangerous inventions, although not to good at naming them, Leonard currently lives in a cell at the Patrician's palace, hopefully out of harms way, although with a genius like Leonard, you can never be totally sure.