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Interviews with Terry Pratchett

Following each interview description are the books the interview mainly refers to. Some interviews are not available.

While there are no more new interviews, old interviews will be added if they are found out about.

From you can jump to text interviews, audio interviews or video interviews.

Text interviews

Space Voyager
Interview by some guy named Neil Gaiman, in Space Voyager, Issue #15, June/July 1985 [The Colour of Magic]
Transcript of the Formal Conference held on Sunday, August 11th, 1991 in the CompuServe Science Fiction/Fantasy Forum [Truckers, Wyrd Sisters, Good Omens]
Book feature written by Terry Pratchett [Small Gods]
Spark, The Reading University Student Newspaper, 24th November 1992 [Lords and Ladies]
Large article on Terry Pratchett. (Million was sister magazine to Interzone.) [The Colour of Magic, Guards! Guards!, Witches Abroad, Moving Pictures, Good Omens]
Loose Ends
A radio show, 27th November 1993. [Men at Arms]
Writing Magazine
Christmas 1993, profile on Terry Pratchett. [Lords and Ladies]
The Book Show
An interview with Terry for the 10th Anniversery of the Discworld series at Planet Hollywood. [Men at Arms]
PC Gamer
A computer magazine, December 1993.
Opening Shot
shown on UK Channel 4 TV at 16:50 on 2nd January, 1994. [Only You Can Save Mankind, Johnny and the Dead]
Radio Derby
Witches Abroad tour.
Silmaril Journal
Interview with Terry that appeared in the Silmaril Journel (May 1994).
Virgin Interview
Interview for the Big Red Mug Show that appeared on Virgin 1215.
Quest for the Holy Anorak
Radio Interview on 3RRR, 4th July 1994
A glimpse inside the fantasy toolbox
The Weekend Arts and Entertainment guide, 8th July, 1994
James Purbrick Interview
James Purbrick interviewed Terry Pratchett in 1994 (page no longer working).
PC Home
27 December 1994
Interesting Times Interview
by Stuart Beaton. [Interesting Times, Good Omens]
Interesting Times Interview
By Sarah Byrne. [Johnny and the Dead]
PC Zone
January 1995, A computer magazine.
The Little Picture Show
Jan 1995
Interesting Times
In The West Australian, Feb 4, 1995.
interview with Terry Pratchett which was part of the Midweek programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 09:05 on April 26 1995
Book Case
The WHSmith guide to good books May/June 1995. [Soul Music]
SFX issue 1
Review of soul music in SFX June 1995. [Soul Music]
The Late Show
Transcript of BBC2's late night arts programme 'The Late Show' on 1st December 1995. [Interesting Times]
Fifth Dimension
Transcript of an Interview given in January 1996 to the Australian SF and Fantasy Review television show "Fifth Dimension".
Desert Island Discs
Transcript of interview from Desert Island Discs, 9th February, 1997.
Radio Times
My Kind of Day. (10-16 May issue)
Interview in The Young Telegraph No.345 May 17, 1997.
The Goblinz Kneescap
Shortest interview ever, June/July 1997.
Interview with Terry Pratchett from The Times November 1997. [Jingo]
'Arena' insert in the Western Mail - Saturday, 22nd November 1997. [Jingo]
Transcript of IRC interview with Terry Pratchett at the World Fantasy Convention
The Big Question
Transcript of interview held on 01/02/98. [Small Gods]
Radio 4
Transcript of interview with Terry Pratchett on Radio 4, 26th April 1998.
January Magazine
Interview with Terry appearing in May issue of January magazine
Gadget -- My Gadget
Interview with Terry for Gadget Magazine, May 1998 [Hogfather, The Last Continent]
Interview by David Witt
Interview with Terry for Sydney's Child, June 1998 [Johnny books]
Interview in Delos #9, October 1998 (Note: In Italian.)
Interview in Delos #9, October 1998 (Note: English Translation.)
Science Fiction-Bokhandeln
Interview with Terry Pratchett, 1998. (Note: In Swedish.) [The Last Continent, The Fifth Elephant, The Science of Discworld]
Terry Pratchett on the PalmPilot.....
Private interview conducted by Mike Richardson, 6 Janurary 99. [Truckers, Good Omens]
Science Fiction Book Club
Interview by the Science Fiction Book Club, Feburary 1999. [Hogfather]
Food interview
in Sainsbury's the Magazine, Feburary 1999.
GameSpot Interview
Interview with GameSpot UK, March 1999. [Carpe Jugulum]
Interview conducted by Lou Rocco Centrella. [Carpe Jugulum]
Interview Conducted by with Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, June 1999 about the Science of Discworld. [The Science of Discworld]
Crescent Blues
Interview conducted by Stephen J. Metherell and Donna Andrews, Sep 1999. [Carpe Jugulum, The Fifth Elephant]
Terry Pratchett: Discworld & Beyond
Excerpt from Lotus magazine, December, 1999.
Interview Conducted by with Terry Pratchett, November 1999, about the Fifth Elephant. [The Fifth Elephant, The Truth] Chat
Chat session with Terry Pratchett on 11 April 2000.
Interview Conducted by with Terry Pratchett, early 2000, about the Fifth Elephant and The Last Hero. [The Fifth Elephant, The Truth, The Last Hero]
SF Site
Two part interview by Steven H Silver for SF Site (Note: pages are not part of L-Space), April/May 2000. Part 1 and Part 2 here. [The Fifth Elephant, Good Omens, Johnny books]
The Internet Writing Journal
Interview with Terry Pratchett in April issue. (Note: Pages are not on L-Space.) [The Fifth Elephant, The Last Continent, Good Omens, The Truth]
Science Fiction Weekly
Interview with Terry Pratchett in Issue #156. (Note: Pages are not on L-Space.) [The Fifth Elephant, The Truth, The Thief of Time, Good Omens]
Isis Interview
Interview with Terry Pratchett conducted by Isis Publishing over April and June 2000. [Fifth Elephant, Carpe Jugulum, The Truth, Thief of Time]
'Open Book'
Interview on BBC Radio 4's 'Open Book' on 29th April 2001. [The Thief of Time]
The Mail On Sunday's Night & Day Magazine
A 2-page interview with Terry in The Mail On Sunday's Night & Day Magazine (May 6th, 2001).
The Word on the Street is by Terry Pratchett
Interview with Tery Pratchett by The Times, May 30, 2001. Note: No longer available.
FAKTuell interview
Interview with Terry Pratchett on 24 July. Background here with a (now non-working) link to the main interview. (Note: pages are in German, may not display properly)
Terry Pratchett, historian of Ankh-Morpork
Interview conducted with Terry on 31 Dec 2001. [Note: in Spanish, but does have a 'translate into (passable) English' button.]
Washing Post - Book World
In the Sunday 7th April, 2002 edition, Terry is asked about a favourite book. (He is also mentioned in the Reel World section)
New Zealand Herald
Interview with Terry Pratchett in tht 26th October 2002 edition. [Night Watch]
Terry Pratchett Books
Interview with Terry Pratchett, put up October 2002 (no longer there). [Night Watch]
Life on Planet Pratchett
Interview with Terry Pratchett, The Guardian, November 8, 2002, about writing.
Discworld Divinity
Interview with Terry Pratchett by SFCrowsnest, March 2003. [Good Omens, The Truth, The Last Hero, Night Watch]
He's Got the World on a Disc
Interview with Terry Pratchett by Sequential Tart, March 2003. [Various]
AM Promotional Interview
Interview with Terry Pratchett by HarperCollins. [The Amazing Maurice]
WFM Promotional Interview
Interview with Terry Pratchett by HarperCollins. [Wee Free Men]
On the Spot: Terry Pratchett
Interview from Reader's Digest, British Edition. [Article no longer available.]
Drive Time
15 minute interview with Noel Edmonds.
No escape from Wee Free Men
Interview with The Herald on 4th October, 2004 (Link is to preview only. Need to pay for full article).
Metro Interview
Master of Speculative Satire
SFRevu Interview, September 2004
Dymocks Interview, October 2004
Mystery Lord of the Discworld
Interview with The Age on 6th Novemeber, 2004. Note: need to register with the site, and possibly pay, to view the article.
Fantasy's darkest arts make for a best seller
Letter by Terry with regards to the attention paid to Harry Potter, printed in The Times, July 31, 2005. The letter was also quoted in an article for BBC News, followed by FemaleFirst and Edinburgh Evening News. (This has generated quite a bit of discussion in a thread on, including pertinent comments from Terry himself.,,)
Science Fiction Weekly Interview
Interview conducted with Terry in November 2005.
Tackling the Invisible Crime
ALCS News talks with Terry about piracy, May 2006.
PC Zone, July 2006
Interview with Terry about his take on computer games.
Sky at Night, August 2006
Interview in this issue with Terry about his interest in Astronomy.
BBC Focus
A "Quick Chat: Terry Pratchett" in the September, 2006 issue.
Interview with Terry about Wintersmith.
SFX, No. 149
Another interview with Terry about Wintersmith.
SFX, No. 151
Feature of the Hogfather movie, with questions answered by Terry.
Talk in Brisbane
50 photos, and some words, about fantasy author Terry Pratchett’s speech in Brisbane on February 14th 2007
Daily Mail interview
Terry Pratchett on his recent stroke (5 Nov 2007). interview
Interview with Terry about his "embuggerance", April 2008.
Lotus Magazine
Interview with Terry in April 2008 issue, as well as associated articles. Extracts of the interview are online.
Daily Mail Online
Terry writes about his "religious" upbringing, and his moment of finding "where gods come from", 21 June 2008.
Neil Gaiman interviews Terry about 25 years of the Discworld, June 2008.
Pratchett criticises drug ruling
Article about Terry talking about a recent decision relating to Alzheimer drug treatment. Note: contains video, only available to those in the UK.
I'm disgusted...
Terry writes about Alzheimer drugs. Note: picture is not of Terry Pratchett.
Q&A with Terry Pratchett
Terry interviewed by Michael Levy for the Children's Bookshelf in Publisher's Weekly, 4th September 2008
Book World chat
Terry was interviewed online about Nation, transcript avaiable, 1st October 2008.
Mail Online piece
Article written by Terry Pratchett, October 2008.
Times Online Letter
Letter by Terry Pratchett in Times Onlines, October 2008.
Mail Online interview by Frances Hardy
Interview in Daily Mail Online, November 2008.
One Year On
Terry talks about having lived for a year with Alzheimer's, 25 January 2009.
We need to talk about dementia
Following his knighting, Sir Terry talks about Alzheimer's, Telegraph, February 2009 (contains video).
Rotal appointment for fantasy author
Following his knighting, Sir Terry talks about Alzheimer's, ITN, February 2009 (contains video).
Yarn Forward Magazine
Continuation of interview that was in the issue 12 print copy of Yarn Forward magazine. (March 2009)
Terry writes to the Times about being in the 50% income tax bracket. May 23, 2009
Palliative care
Sir Terry Pratchett writes to the Times on thoughts following the death of Sir Edward Downes and his wife. 16 July 2009
British Humanist Association
Terry Pratchett speaks to British Humanist Association about assisted dying, ahead of potential reforms to the law. 30 June 2009.
I'll die before the endgame
Terry Pratchett calls for law to allow assisted suicides in UK. 3 August 2009
Hack writers
Terry Pratchett talks about being a hack writer. 13 August 2009
State of the Nation
Terry Pratchett talks about Nation. 24 August 2009
Celebs share memories for Alzheimer's research
Terry Pratchett relates a memory. 1 September 2009
Liberal Democrat Party Conference address
Sir Terry Pratchett discussed his experience with a rare form of Alzheimer's disease and demanded an increase in government investment in dementia research. 22 September 2009
Terry Pratchett criticises assisted suicide guidelines
Article in the Guardian, 28 September 2009.
Interview for Unseen Academicals
Article in the Telegraph, 28 September 2009.
Britian facing tsunami of Alzheimer's disease
Article in the Telegraph, 22 September 2009.
Fighting to keep the fantasy alive
Article in the NewScientist, 4 November 2009.
Terry Pratchett welcomes assisted suicide policy
Article in Guardian, 25 February 2010.
Sir Terry Pratchett wants to win control of how his own story ends
Article in Times Onlines, 6 February 2010.
Raise Funds for Village Church
Article in the Express about Sir Terry and St Martin's Church (4 Apr, 2010)
Terry Pratchett vs Who
Guest blog from Sir Terry about Doctor Who (3 May 2010)
Ludicrous Doctor Who
The Guardian talks about Sir Terry talking about Doctor Who (4 May 2010)
The secrets of my success
Sir Terry gives out some tips on how he got, and stayed, successful, the Daily Mail (22 May 2010)
Terry Pratchcett on defying dementia
Sir Terry in the Daily Mail about his moment in Going Postal, and his 'embuggerance'. (28 May 2010)
Terry Pratchett enters parallel worlds of science fiction
Sir Terry talks in the The Gaurdian about an up coming book co-authored with Stephen Baxter (16 June 2010)
Guardian interview
Sir Terry discusses his new novel and Alzheimer's. [1 Sept 2010]
Terry Pratchett on travel, writing and swearing
Sir Terry talks to SFX magazine. [14 Sept 2010]
Fantastic Voyager
Sir Terry on dictation, education and writers. For The Higher Education. [16 Sept 2010]
Sir Terry Pratchett drinks 'enormously' to fight Alzheimer's
Interview with The Telegraph. [12 Nov 2010]
Work of Charity Cambridge
Author Sir Terry Pratchett talks about work of Cambridge Charity, to Cambridge First. [2 Apr 2011]
The master's voice
Sunday Business Post (Ireland) interviews Sir Terry Pratchett about his work in Trinity College. [10 Apr 2011]
Holtspur School
Terry Pratchett writes in to Holtspur School for its 60th birthday. [4 May 2011]
Cheeseheads, blue urine and how trolls are people too
Interview with Madison Square magazine (4 July 2011).
On Death And Deciding
Interview with NPR Books aobut Alzheimer's and death. (11 Aug 2011).
To Sir, With Love
Interview with School Library Journal (1 Jun 2011).
Discworld author Sir Terry Pratchett prepares real-life battle
Interview with The Telegraph (2 Oct 2011).
Terry Pratchett describes his typical Saturday
Terry describes his typical Saturday with the Ratio Times (12 Nov 2011).
Sir Terry's Mindful Of His Novel Future
Interview with the Express paper (4 Dec 2011).
Up to Snuff
Interview with Sir Terry about Snuff and other matters (9 Nov 2011).
Pratchett accuses Government of not caring about Alzheimer patients
Sir Terry speaking at a conference about Alzheimers (8 Mar 2012).
Terry Pratchett interviewed
Interviewed by Writer's Online (fuller article available) (23 Apr 2012).
Text and Twitter harming children's development
Small interview in The Telegraph about current interaction (2 May 2012).
Hay Festival 2012
Interviewed in The Telegraph by Louise Gray (6 Jun 2012).
Goodreads inteview
Interview with Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter (Jun 2012).
Opponents of assisted suicide stir up needless hysteria
Reported by The Telegraph (15 Jun 2012).
How We Met
interview with Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter for the Independent (17 Jun 2012).
Express yourself
Interview with Terry Pratchett for Express (21 Jun 2012).
The SFX Summer of Reading
Interview with Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter in SFX magazine (24 Jul 2012).
200 years of Grimm tales
Terry talks, with others, about the impact of the Brothers Grimm for The Guardian (2 Sep 2012).
The Telegraph interview
Interview with The Telegraph about Alzheimer's (10 Sep 2012).
Scotland on Sunday interview
Interview by Scotland on Sunday (23 Sep 2012).
What keeps me going is the fight.
Interview in The Independent about Alzheimer's (11 Oct 2012).
TV show and Dodger
Sir Terry talks to Underwire about a TV show and Dodger (12 Oct 2012).
What keeps me going is the fight
Sir Terry talks to The Sydney Morning Herald about Alzheimer's (19 Oct 2012).
One Minute With
Quick interview with Sir Terry (20 Oct 2012).
Shut up and let me finish my story!
Sir Terry talks to The Big Issue about Alzheimer's (22 Oct 2012).
The best thing I ever did was stand up and say I have Alzheimer's
Sir Terry talks to Mirror about his Alzheimer's (14 Nov 2012).
His latest novel, his medical diagnosis, and more
Terry Pratchett talks to the AV Club (16 Nov 2012).
Sex, death and nature
New Statesman talks to Sir Terry about what will happen when he is no longer able to write (21 Nov 2012).
Booklist Top of the List Interview
Booklist Online talks to Sir Terry about Dodger (1 Jan 2013).
What's the point of it all?
Sir Terry Pratchett writes a guest post for the Dementia Blog (17 Sep 2013).
a fantasy writer facing reality
Interview with The Telegraph (29 Oct 2013).
'Doctor Who was a safe option for Saturday teatime'
Sir Terry writes about his memories of Doctor Who for The Guardian (2 Nov 2013).
A conversation with Terry Pratchett
Interview by Cory Doctorow on Boingboing, mainly about Carpet People (5 Nov 2013).
Sir Terry Pratchett Talks Retirement
Interview in Games Radar (13 Nov 2013).
Pratchett: PM broke dementia promise
Interview in The Sunday Times (30 Nov 2013).
Talking to Other Monkeys
Interview in Locus, excerpts available online (Feb 2014).
Authors dress up as their favourite characters
Not an interview, per se. But see Terry Pratchett as Just William (29 Jun 2014).
I started writing my new book when I was 17-years-old
Interview for children's books in The Guardian. (10 Jul 2014)
Terry Pratchett: By the Book
Sunday Book Review in the New York Times (14 Aug 2014).
Terry Pratchett's inspirations for Raising Steam
Suzanne Bridson, an editor at Terry Pratchett's publishers, shares a few Roundworld inspirations for his most recent Discworld novel, Raising Steam (7 Oct 2014).

Audio interviews

From the archive - Maskerade
Interview with Tim Haigh about Maskerade (1995).
Life Matters (Part 2)
Interview with Terry Pratchett on Radio National, Australia, November, 2002 [Note: File no longer available on the site. It might be able to be purchased via].
FAKTuell interview
Interview with Terry Pratchett on 24 July. Background here and interview here. Contains audio playable by Real Media. (Note: interview in German, pages may not display properly)
BBC Audio clips
There are two RAM files from Radio 4. The first is from Front Row, and the second is from Open Book.
Hay Festival talks
Two talks, one panel discussion swith Terry and one talk by Terry, at the Hay Festival.
The Agony Column
Over an hour of audio interview (in RA and MP3 format) with Terry (Click on the Audio Interview link and scroll down to Terry Pratchett).
Radio Triple J interview
Two part mp3 interview with Terry on morning on 09/11/2004 when he was in Australia.
Ode to Multiple Universes
Terry wrote a poem as part of National Science Week during Einstien Year, on BBC Today radio program, they talk to him about it and he recites the poem.
Fantasy Physics
Terry will appear on Programme 3 on 1st February 2005.
Rattlebag interview
Terry was interviewed on an Irish show Rattlebag, on Monday 17 October 2005. [Thud]
The Today Show
Terry was on the Today Show on 13th March, 2007, talking about his Alzheimer's.
The One Show
Terry was on the One Show on 15th May, 2007, talking about his Alzheimer's.
On The Ropes
Terry was on On The Ropes, interviewed by John Humphrys, on 20th May, 2007, talking about his Alzheimer's.
Front Row
Terry was interviewed on the BBC show The Front Row, 1st September 2008 [Nation].
Author Pratchett honoured by university
Terry interviewed by Bucks Free Press, 10th September 2008. Podcast available.
The Author Hour
Inteview with recording, the first episode of The Author Hour, 15 October 2009.
News Talk interview
Interview with Terry Pratchett for Weekend Blend.
John Mullan meets Terry Pratchett
Sir Terry talks to The Guardian Book Club about cider, science teaching and religion (18 June 2010)
Radio New Zealand interview
Sir Terry talks to Radio New Zealand about PCA. [Sep 2010]
Conversation with Jacqueline Simpson
Many parts interview between Sir Terry and Jacqueline Simpson. [Nov 2010]
Interview with Simon Mayo, Drive Time. (Only a clip is available.) (15 Nov 2011)
Front Row
Interview with Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, by Mark Lawson (25 Jun 2012).
Steve Wright in the Afternoon
Interview with Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter on BBC Radio 2 (3 Jul 2012).
(Maskerade Interview)
As part of a review of Dodger, Brian Sibley included an unpublished interview with Terry about Maskerade from 1995.
With Fading Memory, Terry Pratchett Revisits 'Carpet People'
Sir Terry talks to NPR about Carpet People with the new US release (3 Nov 2013).
Front Row interview
Interview with Mark Lawson (11 Dec 2013).

Video interviews

Alan Titchmarsh interview
Terry talks about Johnny and the Dead tv shows (13 April 1995).
Video Clips
There are some short video clips from BBC Four (link no longer works).
Fast Forward
Terry Pratchett was interviewed by Tom Schaad as past of the Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction program during October 2005. Site also contains an mp3 version of the session for lower bandwidth connections. [Thud]
Book Lust
Video of Book Lust with Nancy Pearl featuring Terry Pratchett, 11/6/2006, about Wintersmith.
Mark Lawson interview
Interview with Terry Pratchett about Johnny and the Bomb, on BBC4, 9pm, 21st November 2006.
The Book Show
Terry on The Book Show on Sky 267 in December 2006, talking to Mariella Frostrup about his books, his writing process and the new Hogfather film.
Small clip of Terry at convention.
2007 National Book Festival
Webcast of book signing at festival (Oct 2007).
The Worlds of Fantasy
Episode 3, Through the Looking Glass, screened 12 March 2008, "exploring the extraordinary and dazzling work of Terry Pratchett".
BBC News - Alzheimer's
Terry gives a speech about his donation, and an interview. (March 2008)
Author supports 'suicide' bill
Sir Terry Pratchett speaks of his belief in the right for an individual to choose when to end their life. 2 July 2009
Bradford University awards honorary degree
Sir Terry Pratchett received an honorary Doctor of Letters at the University of Bradford. 16 July 2009
Pratchett on how he wants to die
Sir Terry Pratchett talks to Daily Politics about Alzheimers and assisted suicide. 23 September 2009
British Humanist Association
Sir Terry Pratchett speaks to the British Humanist Association about assisted dying. Terry Pratchett is a Distinguished Supporter of the BHA.
Living with Alzheimer's
Terry Pratchett explains the practical problems in a BBC Two Documentary (Feb 2009).
Shaking Hands With Death
Sir Terry Pratchett delivers the 34th Ricahrd Dimbleby Lecture from the Royal College of Physicians in London (Feb 2009). In the UK can be accesed via iPlayer, or on YouTube: Part 1,Part 2,Part 3,Part 4,Part 5,Part 6.
Interviewed by Stephen Sackur for BBC HARDtalk, 6 April 2010. (Only can be viewed by people in the UK.)
Terry Pratchett on Science Fiction Conventions and Fanfiction
Clip from BBC show Mark Lawson Talks To: Terry Pratchett (8 June 2010)
Meet the Author
BBC Meet The Author meets Sir Terry Pratchett. [2 Sep 2010]
Meeting Britian's 'biggest niche author'
Sir Terry talks with Adam Rosser for Up All Night. Contains text and video interview. [7 Sept 2010]
Professor Sir Terry Pratchett Inaugural Lecture
Trinity Colledge Dublin, 'The Importance of Being Amazed about Absolutely Everything' [4 Nov 2010]
SFX Interview
Exclusive interview with SFX magazine about the upcoming Watch TV series. [21 Mar 2011]
Pratchett in swan appeal
Terry Pratchett offered a reward to help capture men who kills swans. TV interview with him on Westcountry Regional News (feed might not work due to region or it has been taken down). [2 Mar 2011]
Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die
Documentary about Terry Pratchett looking into the options of assisted suicide. (13 June 2011)
Sir Terry Pratchett unswayed by assisted suicide film
Jeremy Paxman challenges Pratchett on the issue of assisted suicide for BBC Newsnight (14 June 2011).
''Imagination, not intelligence, made us human.'
In this exclusive Melbourne appearance, the satirist, novelist and much-loved icon joins Michael Williams for a broad, entertaining discussion at RMIT's Storey Hall. (9 July 2011).
Videos from the North American DiscWorld Convention. Terry and Rob talk about a common day. Neil Gaiman and Terry talk about Good Omens. Other videos in the related links section.
Capclave Inteview
Terry Pratchett, along with his assistant Rob Wilkins, made a surprise appearance at Capclave in Gaithersburg, Maryland (15 Oct 2011).
Terry Pratchett on writing his 50th novel, Snuff
Interview with BBC Breakfast (19 Oct 2011).
Live with Gabby
Interview with Gabby. May or may not be available in your area. (19 Oct 2011)
Holy Narrativia!
Interview with the Age, has text and video (29 Oct 2011).
The Late Late Show
Sir Terry on the Late Late Show on RTE One (16 May 2012).
The Science of Discworld
Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen at SCIENCE GALLERY, Trinity College Dublin, as part of Dublin City of Science 2012 (Jun 2012)
Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter on The Long Earth - video interview
Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter talk to Alison Flood on The Guardian (9 Jul 2012).
Dodger Interview
Four part interview from Trinity College. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four (9 Aug 2012).
Writing keeps me going.
Part of interview with Sir Terry about his Alzheimer's from BBC News (14 Sep 2012).
Sir Terry Pratchett introduces DODGER
Introduction to Dodger (19 Sep 2012).
NYCC New York
Sean Austin and Sir Terry at New York Comic Con (13 Oct 2012).
On Libraries
Snippet from some other interview by Harper Teen. (19 Dec 2012).
Terry Pratchett on science, technology and his favourite Discworld characters
These are edited highlights of the writer's public discussion about The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day (Ebury), London's Conway Hall (24 Apr 2013).
At the World's Edge
Debate between Terry Eagleton, Antonia Byatt, and Terry Pratchett. iai tv (Jul 2013).
Sir Terry Pratchett on living with Alzheimer's disease
Interview with BBC Breakfast (11 Dec 2013).

If you are interested in interviewing Terry Pratchett a good place to start is contacting his agent Colin.

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