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Full page scans

This page contains some scans of entire The Carpet People pages, with doodles and illustrations by Terry. Clicking on the thumbnail or the title link will lead to a page with a larger version of the picture, which may therefore take a while to download fully.


Original cover

The actual cover of the 1971 edition of The Carpet People.


Book cover

The cover of the book, painted by Terry.


Title page I

Title page of Colin Smythe's copy of The Carpet People.


Title page II

Title page of Peter Bander's copy of The Carpet People.



"None escaped save two," said Snibril, grimly. "Yes," said Bane looking down the west path with an odd expression, "all save two, and these." He pointed, and there coming slowly up the path, was a heavy wagon drawn by a line of bent, plodding figures.


Doodles on page 41

After a week on snarg meat, however nutritious, however baked, boiled, grilled and stewed, the honeyed boar tasted delicious.


Doodles on page 76

Sometimes they passed entrances to other tunnels. One sloped down very steeply and something far down it rustled as the light passed it.


Glurk keeps the house from coming down

Glurk had been forced on to his knees, his face purple, the veins in his red neck throbbing. The fire licked around him, hungrily. Snibril grabbed at one straining arm and pulled. "No," came the low growl, "Pismire and the others are still in there."


Doodle on page 172

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