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Launch party

In the late 1960s, Terry Pratchett was working as a journalist for the Bucks Free Press. During an interview with Peter Bander (later: Peter Bander-van Duren), co-director of Colin Smythe Ltd. publishing house, Terry mentioned he had written a book called The Carpet People, and asked if it might be considered for publication. Mr Bander passed the book on to Colin Smythe, and it was eventually published by them in 1971.

The book launch was held at Heal's department store in Tottenham Court Road, London. This page contains some photographs taken at that launch party.

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Colin Smythe remembers

"Sadly the recipe for the cocktail invented for the launch has got lost :-( The cocktail was called 'Essence of Underlay'."


Launch Party at Heal's

The cover of the publicity material.


Denys Middleton, Terry and Colin

Mr Middleton was the managing director of Garden City Press Ltd, the printers of The Carpet People.


Terry and Peter Bander

Terry Pratchett and Dr Peter Bander-van Duren, Colin Smythe's co-director at Colin Smythe Ltd publishing house.


Terry and kids 1

The children presumably belonged to some of the guests, but their identity is unknown.


Terry and kids 2

The same unidentified children. If you know who they are, let us know.


Terry and Colin

Terry Pratchett and Colin Smythe.

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