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A Tourist Guide to Lancre

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- "A rain-proof, hooded overgarment (Orac Oracssons's outfitters in Ohulan Cutash supply the best waterproof clothing. Most seasoned walkers would not be seen without their Orac)."

So you would call one of these garments "an Orac", I suppose...

- "(Mr Cmot Dibbler sells an excellent compass [...] As a means of finding your bearings, however, they are totally useless)."

This may have as much to do with the usual lack of quality associated with Dibbler's products, as it does with the fact that Roundworld compasses work because of the Earth's magnetic field -- on Discworld the equivalent is the enchanted needle that always points to the Hub.

- "[...] isolated hamlets with romantic names such as Slippery Hollow, a collection of cottages now inevitably connected in the traveller's mind with the legend of the headless horse rider."

Or the legend of Sleepy Hollow in Roundworld terms.

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