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In this section I want to list some of the specific resources I use in editing the APF: reference works, web sites, software, etcetera.

A more exhaustive list will have to wait until one of the future updates to the APF, but for v9.0 there are a few really heavily-used resources I want to mention:

1. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, <http://www-tech.mit.edu/Shakespeare/>, operated by The Tech at MIT.

The oldest on-line Shakespeare website in existence. All Shakespeare quotes in the APF are taken from (and in the Web version linked to) this site.

2. Bible Gateway, <http://www.biblegateway.com/>, operated by Gospel Communications International.

Another web site that goes back to 1993. It is an unsurpassed resource for scriptural research, and all Bible quotes in the APF are taken from (and in the Web version linked to) the King James Version available on this site.

3. The Internet Movie Database, <http://www.imdb.com/>, operated by Internet Movie Database, Inc.

Another dinosaur resource that has been around since the early nineties. Much of the movie-related data in the APF is taken from (and in the Web version linked to) the IMDB.

4. Wikipedia -- The Free Encyclopedia, <http://www.wikipedia.org/>, operated by Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

A relative newcomer among the APF editing resources, but a very important one. The Wikipedia articles have been invaluable in providing and checking the facts and definitions that make up so much of the APF.

I have tried to keep my usage of the Wikipedia material at the level of 'fair use'. Although in many cases I would have liked to use much more direct cutting-and-pasting of Wikipedia information, I cannot do this yet because I am not sure if this is allowed, copyright-wise. Wikipedia information is available under a so-called Free Documentation License, which allows unlimited use and modification but only under one condition: that the APF would in turn be released under a similar license, and I am not sure I can do that yet -- see also the 'Copyright Discussion' section.

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