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The Science of Discworld II: The Globe

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- [p. 12] "[...] the Reader in Slood Dynamics"

Slood was mentioned first in The Last Continent. It is a mysterious substance that appears to have not been discovered yet (either on Roundworld or on Discworld), so it is an eminently suitable research subject for Rincewind. See also the footnote on p. 58.

- [p. 64] "'This world is a cheap parody of our own. As Above, So Below and all that.'"

See the annotation for p. 61 of The Science of Discworld .

- [p. 126] "The Shellfish Scene"

Puns on The Selfish Gene, the title of a well-known book by biologist Richard Dawkins.

- [p. 301] "Worlds Of If"

Worlds of If was the name of an American pulp science fiction magazine published in the 1950s.

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