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oh gawdz. you want to know more about a.f.a-f-p.

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Is it true that you are a meglomaniac evil overlord plotting to wrest control of the internet from the Cabal to impose your iron will upon the hapless masses, with your fierce fearless combat troops the lurkahs in a.f.p. and your backstabbing colleagues the bofhs in a.f.p. and that you are a compulsive liar?
No. TINC. Now, stop these kind of questions unless you want to be crushed under the feet of my Oliphaunts when your world ends.
How do you find entries for a.f.a-f-p?
Ever hear of cyb-waymen? "Your url or your life." In this case, I am both gentler and more kind than the usual corporate lawyers in that I do not demand that ownership of the url be given to me, nor that content be erased. *OOPS* Did I say coporate lawyers? I meant cyb-waymen, of course.
How do you pronounce "a.f.a-f-p"?
What is the difference between and the webring?
The entries in one is more than the other. Anyhow, a webring looks quite silly on a business homepage.
So is not the same as the webring?
What's the difference between the two?
a.f.a-f-p is also known as the "Afpers' homepages directory". The webring is the "a.f.a-f-p ring". Note that the name of the webring is already an abbreviation.
If I want to join, is it compulsory to also join the webring?

The webring is just a fun way to connect afper's homepages together. The webring is a fun way to keep a stable link to the Afpers' Homepages directory. The webring is a fun way to link to the newsgroup.

I'm just a webring junkie.

Can a.f.a-f-p be found on
It can now!
If a.f.a-f-p is pronounced as "afafp", why does the webring page refer to itself as "afafp" rather than the more correct "a.f.a-f-p"?
Because it's fun to confuse people.
What is the meaning of life?
Depending on which philosophy you follow:  - "42" - "NI!" - "Spam" - "To laugh" - "To Blave" - "To earn your place in Heaven" - "To earn a better life next reincarnation" - "To pass on the STD aka Life" - "Mark time until Death"

Personally I prefer:  - to annoy as many people as you can before you return to dust.

Are these really faqs?

If your question is not answered here, you can use email to question me further.
Please try using the email address at the bottom of the page. Ta.

nb. Please keep in mind that I failed my exams. I sure hope I got these answers right.

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you really are a glutton for information.

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