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The AFP Purity Test

V 1.0 3rd August 1996.

The test consists of sections 1 through 6 only. Section 7 questions are not part of the test (currently...) and are included for interest only. Any additional questions to be sent to:

To calculate your percentage purity, add up the number of questions to which you have answered 'Yes' to, and subtract this from 100. The lower your AFPurity score the more you know about AFP.

This test maintained by Darrell Ottery (, and a record of scores kept. To be included or removed mail your AFPurity score to:

Section 1 - AFP knowledge

1. Have you ever read an AFP message?
2. ...more than one?
3. Have you ever subscribed to AFP?
4. ...for over a week?
5. ...for over a month?
6. ...for over a year?
7. ...for over 2 years?
8. ...for over 3 years?
9. ...for over 4 years?
10. ...since the beginning (Feb 1992)?
11. ...reading every message?
12. Does Terry Pratchett post here?
13. Have you ever posted?
14. ...more than once a day?
15. ...more than 10 times a day?
16. every article in one day?
17. Have you ever been in the Top 10 Posters?
18. ...been #1?
19. Been flamed for posting too much?
20. ...after posting only once?
21. Have you posted a footnote?
22. ...more than 7?
23. one post?
24. Do you know what an annotation is?
25. Have you ever contributed an annotation?
26. ...was it a new one?
27. Have you ever contributed to the FAQ?
28. Have you ever followed up to one of Terry's articles?
29. ...emailed Terry?
30. ...did he reply?
31. ...without using irony?
32. Have you ever posted to AFPA?
33. Have you ever proposed to anyone?
34. ...without knowing their sex?
35. ...was it accepted?
36. Do you recognize this animal:

                ____\\\\\\\'/____ ?

37. Do you know what is?
38. ...and have an e-mail address
39. ...more than 1?
40. ...and have a
41. ...more than 1?
42. Do you know what a ppoint is?
43. Have you ever successfully claimed a ppoint?
44. ...more than one?
45. Do you know what a ppint is?

Section 2 - Thread knowledge

46. Do you know what the following tags mean? *I*,*R*,*F*,*G*,*A*,*M*
47. Have you ever turned an *R* thread *I*?
48. Have you ever turned an *I* thread *R*?
49. Do you know what a Merkin is?
50. Do you know what a Clueful Merkin is?
51. Do you know what a roundabout is?
52. Do you know what a magic roundabout is?
53. Have you ever been on one?
54. ...and got lost on it?
55. Do you know the origins of the Holy Anorankh?
56. Do you know who the Grand Salamander is?

Section 3 - Book knowledge

57. Have you ever read a book by Terry Pratchett?
58. ...more than 1?
59. ...more than 10?
60. ...all of them?
61. ...including Unclear Physics?
62. ...and the Missing Chapter?
63. Has Terry ever asked you for help in writing a book?
64. Have you ever appeared as a character in any of Terry's books?

Section 4 - Other items

65. Do you own a Holy Anorankh?
66. AFP T-shirt?
67. ...any other Discworld T-shirt?
68. ...more than one?
69. ...a UU scarf?
70. ...a Discworld tie?
71. ...any other item of DW clothing?
72. ...a Death ring, in silver?
73. gold?
74. Ankh-Morpork crest?
75. ...a Luggage pin?
76. ...a Clarecraft figure?
77. ...more than one?
78. Do you posess a degree from UU?
79. ...more than one?

Section 5 - AFP meets

80. Have you ever attended an AFPissup?
81. ...more than one?
82. ...all of them?
83. ...a Clarecraft weekend?
84. ...did you stay over?
85. ...a Discworld Convention?
86. Have you ever organised an AFPissup?
87. ...more than 1?
88. Have you ever proposed to another AFPer at a meet?
89. ...and been accepted?
90. Have you ever been proposed to by another AFPer at a meet?
91. ...did you accept?

Section 6 - Signings

92. Have you ever attended a signing?
93. ...had one book signed?
94. ...had all your books signed?
95. ...had all your books, including those by other authors, signed?
96. ...had a non-book item signed? (T-shirts, APFs, etc)
97. ...had a body part signed?
98. Have you met Terry?
99. ...had a meal with Terry?
100. ...bought him a bananananaana dakry?

Section 7 - There is no section 7

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