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From: LNR <>
Subject: Oxford afp meet
Date: 27 May 1995 00:23:03 +0100
Message-ID: <>

There's talk of an afp meet in Oxford some time during the next few weeks 
and it seems to have fallen to me to arrange it.

So far the only people who have expressed any interest are:

		Me ie Eleanor Blair
		Ian Hyde (lurker extraordinaire)
		Mike Pinson
		Chris/Ranma (although I may need confirmation on this one)

It would probably be on a saturday night some time btween now and about 
the 17th of June when term ends.

We have no  fixed venue as of yet although Mike suggests the welsh pony 
as "a really good bar where we can get blotto in intimate surroundings."

Pterry, you might be interested to hear that another suggested venue is 
Maxwells which apparently does bananananananana daiquiris. You're welcome 
to come if you want and I'm sure someone could be persuaded to buy you one.

Anyone who is interested should e-mail me asap.



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From: (Eleanor Blair)
Subject: *F* Oxford afpmeet
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 95 20:33:10 BST

We now have a longer list of those interested in this meet, which will 
putatively be on the 17th of June after almost everyone's [1] exams have 
finished. It now reads [2]:

Bill Adlam
Daniel Barlow
Eleanor Blair
David Damerell
Mark Henwood
Ian Hyde
Chris Joseph (Chris/Ranma)
Mike Pinson
Mark Stretch

The latest choice of venue is the Turf Tavern as I haven't yet had any 
objections to this however other suggestions will be welcome. The Kings 
Arms, The Welsh Pony and Maxwells have all been rejected. 
Anyone else who is interested should let me know asap anyone and everyone 
is welcome. 
tatty bye


[1] except me :-(
[2] alphabetically so as not give offense to anyone :-)

		Unable to think of a witty and amusing .sig

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