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Edinburgh 2.0: Report

From: Michael Grant <>
Subject: [F] Edinburgh 2.0 meet report[3]
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.3.95.980727115225.6146H-100000@azdak>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 10:53:50 GMT

On Sunday 27th July, in the year of Somebody Else's Lord 1998[1], an
afpmeet took place in and around the fair city of Edinburgh. Attending
were Adrian Hurt, Grymma, Hannes Reinecke and your humble^H^H^H^H^H
lethargic narrator. Oh, and a hedgehog provided by Grymma. 

Despite the rain, we decided to go ahead with the prior arrangements
and commence with a ferry trip to the island of Inchcolm in the Firth
of Forth, where there was a semiruinous twelfth-century abbey, and WW2
gun emplacements, to boot -- which point was aptly demonstrated by
Adrian, who booted them. 

Since it is a tradition at afpmeets to consume chocolate-coated
products, and a tradition at my parties to consume popcorn[5]; we
combined the two at this meet (credit to Grymma) with chocolate-
coated popcorn biscuits, provided by yh^Hln. Rather nice, actually. ;^)
Even nicer were Grymma's chocolate-coated strawberries. The same sadly
cannot be said for Adrian's chocolate-coated cheese, not least because
I don't like cheese, and because Grymma is allergic to the stuff.
Curiously, by the end of the meet even Hannes was politely turning the
stuff down. ;^b I'll just take this opportunity to point Adrian in the
direction of <atmd19980712191947$> before he
considers such actions again... 

At the abbey we discovered a party already there, having a barbecue.
We discussed whether it is a purely British phenomenon[2] to have
barbecues in the rain; the question was solved by Adrian (?) who
pointed out that since this was an abbey, the barbecuers were
evidently the friars. <ducks>

A plunge down a steep, slippery spiral staircases, a sighting of a
seal (which I missed :-( ), a discussion of double-roundabouts (upon
attempting to navigate such) and on whether the Forth Bridge was
intentionally painted the colour of rust later; the second part of the
meet was convened at the Hogshead public house. Memorable quotes
(these being few in number, since nobody had a Psion) included Hannes'
"I don't define rain", and Grymma's "I'm running out of knees!". 

Since Adrian possessed a digital camera[4], we can expect photographs
of the meet to be appearing in the very near future. I'll stick a link
in from my webpage.

All in all, the meet was considered a success, and a followup
tentatively arranged for Sunday 23rd of August, in a field somewhere
to the west of Glasgow, AIUI.

                                  Mchl Grnt[0]

[1] Or for secularists, the year 2751 since the Foundation of the City.

[2] Oh Eeemmmeeettttt...

[3] Since Sara's one last summer was subquorate, we can call it 1.1?

[4] Though according to some of his actions, it might be more accurate
    to say that the digital camera possessed Adrian.

[5] Commencing with the popping of the corn. Since Edinburgh 1.0, when
    the popcorn pot tried to swallow me whole, I've figured out how to
    do it and get it to work. Far less fun, though.

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