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Green Man Meet: Report

Message-ID: <>
From: Aquarion <>
Subject: [F] Green Man Meet report
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 07:44:54 +0100
References: <>

A meet was held, decidedly not in competition to a certain Koeln/Cologne
Meet (of which there is to be a report, I trust. Is there?! *nudge* :-))
on the 31st of July in this year 2004.


There was a meet. There was a pol ana supermouse ana adrian ana lonecat
ana rosie ana tamara ana snow ana cookie ana ruthi ana few other people.

There was beer, games, talking and telephones.

There was a chef on a fractal tea break.

There was more beer, more games, and food.

Then we went home. 

The End.

Aquarion, (Both emails valid, but From is public)
Famous Last Words #118: "and you're UGLY, too!"

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