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Troll Bridge

Snowgum Films

Film assistant leads Cohen (mounted on a horse) along a path whilst crew film from behind

As of May 2003, Snowgum Films has acquired permission to turn Troll Bridge - a Discworld short-story originally published in After the King: Stories in Honour of J. R. R. Tolkien - into a short, twenty-minute movie.

On completion, it is tentatively planned to be screened at as many short-film festivals as humanly possible. Because these festivals are held all over the world, it will give a rather significant number of Discworld fans the chance to see the final product.

Although keeping true to the original story, a scene featuring a young Cohen the Barbarian has been added to help lengthen, set up, and juxtapose the original story. The scene in no way contradicts, or goes against the grain of any previous Discworld works, and its addition does nothing but respectfully enhance the original tale as penned by Terry Pratchett.

Cohen waits on a mist-shrouded bridge

Even though Troll Bridge is being filmed and (mostly) produced in Australia, great effort has gone into keeping the Discworld landscape true to the books. A massive undertaking is being made to both greenscreen and rotoscope the obvious Australian landscape out of the bridge scene (for those familiar with the story), to be later replaced with a more generic mist-shrouded mountain tree setting. The same amount of effort has gone into both costume creation and make-up, to make sure that the characters are as true to the novels and published illustrations as possible.

Since the project was originally green-lit, it was planned for shooting to be completed by late September. Due to conflicting schedules and a decision to boost the level of the production however, this date has been pushed back to November the 8th. From here, post-production is expected to take anywhere up to six months to complete (and maybe longer). With a completely computer generated troll (not to mention various other areas that are special effects required), Snowgum Films wants to make sure everything looks as real and seamless as possible.

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