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September - Adelaide

The Unseen Theatre Company Presents
Sir Terry Pratchett's


Adapted by Stephen Briggs
Directed by Pamela Munt

Women of the world unite! A call to arms that will have you laughing your socks off! John Knox (well known Protestant Reformer of the 16th Century) is turning in his grave! His view that women are "weak, pale, impatient, feeble, foolish, inconstant, variable, cruel and lacking the spirit of counsel and regiment" is about to be exposed for exactly what it is - MONSTROUS!

It may have taken five centuries since Knox wrote his essay entitled "The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women", as well as the enormous satirical wit of Sir Terry Pratchett, for Unseen Theatre Company to blow its own first blast of the trumpet, but here we are, ready to do battle with our own Monstrous Regiment, led by - you guessed it - a girl!

Polly Perks has to become a boy in a hurry. Cutting off her hair and wearing trousers is easy. Learning to fart and belch in public and walk like an ape takes more time… but nothing is going to stop her enlisting in the Borogravian Army to search for her lost brother. The fact that there's a war on and their side's coming off worse doesn't scare her.

Polly and her fellow recruits are suddenly in the thick of it, without any training. All that the bunch of new recruits has on their side is the most artful sergeant in the army, a vampire with a lust for coffee, a troll, an Igor, and a readiness to fight dirty. As they take the war to to the heart of the enemy, they will need all the resources of the Monstrous Regiment.

Preview Night and Free Tickets (for holders of Health Care Cards):
Friday 17 September 2010.
Opening Night for Media:
Saturday 18 September 2010.

Season continues Wed to Sat until 2 October 2010. All shows at 8pm.


Preview Night: $15
All other nights:

Duration: 2 hours plus a 15 minute interval.


The Unseen Theatre Company and The Bakehouse Theatre are proudly supported by Australian Audio and Lighting Technology (AALT) 8373 4222.

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