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Gatherin' Rhubarb

When Summer's a-pressin', you say: "Come what may!"
When Summer is pressin' in witherin' May,
When hands run amuck and when hearts fly aloof,
When there's no ceilin', even if there's a roof,

Go gatherin' rhubarb from field and from mount,
Go gatherin' rhubarb – you'll feel safe and sound.

When Autumn's without, a-knockin' yer door,
Go gather the wood an' hug those ye adore,
Get fires a-burnin', get ready to sing.
Get ready to take what those roun' may a-bring,

Go gatherin' rhubarb a-near yer home,
Go gatherin' rhubarb - and ye'll feel wholesome.

When Winter's about, an' no thin' makes a soun'
When hands of yer clock do not quit goin' roun',
Go rin' the big bell, go out with a shout ,
And may it be well, to what it may amount.

Go gatherin' rhubarb from rain an' from snow,
Go gatherin' rhubarb, an' yer face'll a-glow.

When Spring's no' a word, bu' a-brin'in' new life,
Go kiss all yer kids and hug thrice yer de'r wife,
Get an easy chair to sit in an' dream in,
Ye see what you've got –an' tha's where ye win, thus

Go gatherin' rhubarb from where'er ye wan',
Go gatherin' rhubarb – a-field an' ayon'.

Whatever the season, ye're lor' o' yer life,
Yer heart's 's hot as coal, yer mind's 's sharp as a knife,
So praise what ye live in, leave aught else aside,
Go feed yer de'r horse, say "goo'-bye" an' a-ride –

Go gatherin' rhubarb a-follo' ‘e sun,
Go gatherin' rhubarb, for all is bu' one.
Go gatherin' rhubarb…

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