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Lo - the infidels flee the wrath of Om

From: MegaMole

(To Lo, he comes with clouds descending (Helmsley) - English Hymnal no.7 and one of the greatest tunes in the book)

Lo, the infidels flee the wrath of Om,
See them scatter in their fright!
Thousand thousand hooves of iron
Put the wicked hosts to flight -
Om is mighty (x3)
Burn the world in Om's true light.

Let the false gods gibber error,
Still the Turtle moves its pace
Cause of endless exaltation
To the children of Om's grace -
Burn the heathen (x3)
Stamp the sin from off their face!

In the pits of the Quisition,
Hear the sinners' screams and cries;
Praise great Om, who made us mighty,
Shout his glories to the skies;
Purge the faithful (x3)
Till the word of falsehood dies.

(original text; currently being revised in Hymns Ancient and Omnian by the Truth and Re-wording Commission)

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