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Streets of Morpork v2.0

From: AfPhantom

Have you seen the old guard who walks the streets of Morpork,
Belly gently dangling.... on his worn-out shoes?
Sergeant Colon rings his bell -
Softly so that none can tell,
Where he is hiding;
It's an old guardsman's ruse.

So don't you tell Carrot
You kno-ow me -
Or I'll kick you where the sun don't shine.
Let me take you 'cross the Ankh
And lead you through the Streets of Morpork;
I'll show you something
That'll make you go half-blind...

Have you seen the young girl of negotiable af-fection,
Wearing just some bangles, and two saucepan lids?
She calls out from 'neath the light;
"Dollar fifty for the night!"
- The price includes infection
Of'yer unmention-a-ble bits.


Have you seen the wiz-ard a-lying in the gutter,
Dirt in his hair and his robes in rags?
He walked through the Shades tonight;
That's why he looks such a sight
Most who go in there
Will come out in bags.


AfPhantom (Jarrad Harries)

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