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*** Welcome to the Pratchett newsgroups! ***

Who is Terry Pratchett?

   Terry Pratchett is an author of humorous fantasy-based novels.

   In order to find out more, read the
   Frequently Asked Questions list (or FAQ). The FAQ is posted
   monthly, but is also available from the L-Space Web (see
   below). There are in fact several FAQs, covering a range of
   topics about these newsgroups and other Pratchett-related


What are the Pratchett newsgroups?

   There are three different newsgroups devoted to Terry
   Pratchett's work.

   - (or afpa) is a moderated,
     low-volume newsgroup where announcements of general interest
     such as signings, meets, etc. are posted. You really should
     subscribe to it if you are interested in Terry's work at

   - alt.books.pratchett (or abp) is an unmoderated medium-volume
     newsgroup where all aspects of Terry's novels and other
     related, "Pratchett-relevant" issues are discussed.
     Subscribe to it if you are primarily interested in talking
     about the books themselves.

   - (or afp) is an unmoderated high-volume
     meeting place for the fans of Terry's books. The discussions
     often have nothing to do with Terry or his writing at all.
     Subscribe to it if you are interested in hanging out with a
     bunch of friendly people, who also happen to be Pratchett

   On the Pratchett newsgroups you will mostly find good-natured
   people who do their best to welcome new posters. However, it
   is a lot easier and more pleasant for yourself and the other
   posters if you spend some time reading other people's posts
   and a FAQ or two before first posting.

   First-time posters to afp can expect to receive an e-mail with
   basic newsgroup info from the afp Welcomer. This is a service
   run by the afp Clue Fairies, who you can also turn to if you
   have any further questions concerning the newsgroup. The Clue
   Fairies can be reached at <>. Please do not
   hesitate to contact them.

What do the [R], [I], etc. in the article subjects mean?

   They are 'subject tags' that subdivide the newsgroup traffic
   in categories. People use the tags to automatically filter out
   or select articles, and thus keep the newsgroup manageable.
   Please use them if you plan to post to the newsgroup.

   A complete explanation of the subject tags can be found in the
   Tagging FAQ posted weekly to the groups, and available from
   the L-Space Web.


   However, the following summary covers all the important

   [A]  Comments on references and annotations in the novels.
   [R]  Otherwise directly relevant to Terry or his work.
   [I]  Not related ("irrelevant") to Terry or his work.
   [M]  Discussion of 'meta'-issues relating to the newsgroups
   [F]  Fan activity (such as meets and get-togethers).
   [G]  Discworld games.
   [C]  Content-free, "cascading" performance art posts.

   [FAQ]       Frequently Asked Questions and other periodical
   [ABP]       Cross-posted from, or to, alt.books.pratchett.
   [ANNOUNCE]  Cross-posted from

What books has Terry Pratchett written?
What is the (chronological) order of the Discworld novels?

   In order to find out, you can read the Terry Pratchett
   Bibliography, posted monthly to afp/abp, or consult Colin
   Smythe's on-line Checklist at:


Did you notice that in novel X...?
What is the 'N-word' in Soul Music?

   Terry Pratchett's work is chock-full of references, allusions,
   parodies and in-jokes. We have collected over 2000 of such
   annotations in a huge document called the Annotated Pratchett
   File (or APF). This file, too, is available from the L-Space


   Discussing annotations is a favourite pastime in these groups,
   but if you want to post something along those lines please
   check out the APF first, to make sure you are not wasting
   bandwidth on something we already know. Also, please use the
   tag "[A]" in your Subject to make sure the APF editor will get
   to see your article (See below).

So where is this L-Space Web, then?

   The L-Space Web is a World Wide Web site located in Europe,
   with identical mirror sites all over the world.

   Besides the various FAQs and the APF, the L-Space Web also
   contain many other items of Pratchettian interest, including a
   quotes file with more than 600 quotes, a large section on the
   various Discworld games, different versions of the Hedgehog
   Song, and scanned images of most of the original covers of the

   The L-Space Web can be found at:


Um, what *is* a newsgroup? What does "http" mean?

   If you are new to Usenet and its terminology, you might want
   to read the general introductory articles found in the
   newsgroup news.announce.newusers (also available from web
   sites such as <>). Doing so will
   make your life on the net much easier, and will probably save
   you from making those embarrassing silly beginner's mistakes
   that you'll regret in the future.

   If you think that right now you are reading an echo, a
   conference, or a bboard, I'd also strongly suggest a trip over
   to news.announce.newusers.

   (It is true that some of you may indeed be receiving this
   group as an web page, echo, conference, or what have you, but
   that just means somebody set up a gateway. Generally, it will
   be wise not to forget that most of the articles in these
   newsgroups originate (and end up!) on Usenet.)

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