The Luggage Discworld Hints and Walkthrough The Luggage
If you're looking for Noir hints, then they can be found in the Discworld Noir section of the pages.. click on the button on the menu bar to access the area.

The Discworld 1 and Discworld 2 walkthroughs provide a start-to-finish solution to the game, whereas the hints provide hints and solutions to individual problems - useful if you don't want to spoil the game completely. And if you've got a Javascript enabled browser Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later or Internet Explorer 3 and upwards) , you'll be able to use the Discworld Hint-o-matic - a user friendly Javascript powered program that lets you find the hints you want quickly and easily, without ruining your appetite. Or something.

Discworld 1 Hints

The Discworld 1 Walkthru

helping hand Walkthrough

Discworld 1 maps

If you can't find a location, such as the Livery Stables, these maps will point you in the right direction:

Ankh Morpork by Day Ankh Morpork by Night Ankh Morpork by Night
Ankh-Morpork by day Ankh-Morpork by night The Thief's Hovel in the Shades.

The Luggage Discworld 2 Hints and Walkthrough The Luggage

Discworld 2 Hints

The Discworld 2 Walkthru

helping hand Discworld 2 walkthru.