For those who are have found that Discworld Noir will not install on the bog standard version of Windows 95, here's a work-around that might prove useful. I should add that if you do any damage you do to your PC - pretty unlikely, as it happens - as a result of fiddling around in this way, I can't be held responsible. A very small amount of technical knowledge is required to use this - this fix will let you play Noir by bypassing the setup program, although this is not still something that people should really have to be doing for a game that's made its way onto shop shelves (a proper patch is apparently in the works).

Also please note that implement this fix will install the game to c:\games\noir - by changing the references to c:\games\noir to something else you should be able to install it elsewhere. I have included the registry files as text, which is what they essentially are - but I will soon be putting the files as .reg files on the Discworld Game Pages soon which should make things easier. Or you can mail me and I'll send you the appropriate registry file. This .reg file is a tiny part of the registry, relating to Noir only, so you shouldn't end up knackering your computer by using it. And finally, this fix currently only lets you install the medium installation - when I've got time I'll knock up one which lets you install minimum and maximum installs. So without further a do - the fix.

Step 1:

Make sure you've got 490MB of hard disk space free on your C drive, since that the amount of space the install requires.

Step 2:

Make the following directories


Step 3:
Copy all the files from the root directory of CD 1 to c:\games\noir

Step 4:
Copy all the files from the third cd in the dir E:\CD3 to c:\games\noir\cd1

Step 5:

Click here for a zipped up copy of the registry entries you'll need to play Noir - and unzip it into any directory

Step 6:
Open regedit by going to START-->RUN-> and typing in regedit. When it loads, go to Registry Import File, and pick medoir.reg from wherever you unzipped it to, and then when you get the message about it being installed properly, exit Regedit.

Step 7:
Finally, go to C:\games\noir - you can create a shortcut to this if you want - in Explorer or My Computer and double click on the file TIN3_DXD.EXE - and that should be it.