From: (Monica B.)
Subject: Re: [FAN] Manchester 2.0 Report (*F*)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 00:51:36 GMT
Organization: Monica's Emporium
Lines: 23
Message-ID: <>
References: <> <4gsqej$>
Reply-To: (Robert Collier) wrote in
>Everyone knows we only keep you to LART spammers Mike.

I know I'm being an absolute ignoramus here, but WHAT DOES LART
MEAN??? It's come up in every post I've read so far in this thread,
which, incidentally, is the first afp thread I've read (and I'm
replying, aren't I good?[1])

>> One wonders just why Rob took his camera to the toilet...

This fact begs the following questions:

1) What did he snap with his remaining two shots?
2) Did he have a zoom lens?
3) Was he over-exposed?

[1] Brave? 

Monica Banerjee     

(The "Delightful" one - according to Darrell. I think it's
just that he couldn't find anything to blackmail me with)

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