From: Martin O'Nions <>
Subject: Re: [FAN] Manchester beta 2.0 review
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 96 20:30:12 GMT
Organization: Uncertain
Lines: 24
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <>
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In article <>
  "Lee Staniforth" writes:

> spot afpers that I'd met before.  I came upon (oo-er!) a cabal also in a
> booth consisting of the Righteous Dave Le Good, the Honorable Martin
> O'Nions                                             ^^^^^^^^^

I'm not quite sure what word you were looking for here Lee, but honorable
(with or without a 'u') doesn't seem to fit. Onerous maybe instead?

> PS The only quote of the night (although I'm sure DO collected FAR
> more), was "Darrell has a bendy spikey thing."  I leave that up to your
> personal dirty minds!

I suspect this was the passed down version of Darrell's original plaintive
(and probably plaintiff after this) cry of "Mine's bent at the end!".

Martin O'Nions [ENTP]   Used your LART yet today?
     Father heard his children scream / So he threw them in the stream
  Saying, as he drowned the third / "Children should be seen, *not* heard!"
           (Harry Graham - Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes

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