From: "Stephen M. Walker" <>
Subject: Re: [FAN] Manchester beta 2.0 review
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 96 19:35:10 GMT
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In article <>
  "Lee Staniforth" writes:

[lots snipped]

>We first found ourselves a little alcove near the log fire, and away
>from the general rabble of the pub.  We had arrived a little later than
>the appointed time, so it was up to me to scout around the pub trying to
>spot afpers that I'd met before.  I came upon (oo-er!) a cabal also in a
>booth consisting of the Righteous Dave Le Good, the Honorable Martin
>O'Nions, the Un-named Steve, the Dashing JJ and the Dasterdly Scrofula.

The Un-named Steve - humphhh - and after you even asked everyone
including me who they were and wrote them down in your diary!

[and all the rest too]

I'll not post a report this time - it seems to have been covered pretty
well! I enjoyed it greatly and being sober (driving), I've remembered
plenty of ammunition for future events :)

Suffice to say, I've Emailed a few friends who couldn't make it and that
it took over 11K to describe!

What do you mean Manchester v3.0 = convention? We've plenty of time for
another in between! :)

Steve Walker
Drag UK - DUK (
The Almost Sigless One

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