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Emmet O'Brien

One of the many dangers of attending an afp meet is the possibility that one might encounter the Emmet. No, he's not rude - far from it, he has that engaging soft Irish way of speaking. Nor is he unkind or rough in any way.

No, it's his charisma - or, as it has come to be known, his krisma. Emmet is probably the only person on afp who has had a WYMM from a totally unknown woman in a bar at an afp meet [1].

The theory has arisen that he has overactive pheromones, and that he simply can't help it. Another theory is that everyone else is just jealous.

Emmet is involved in something abstruse to do with genetics and computing, and has been doing a PhD at EBI in Duxford in Cambridgeshire. However, he is now in the process of returning to the Auld Sod (whoever that may be) and it is thought that County Cork is soon to be blessed with the pheromones.

Nobody seems to have realised that Cork is upwind of almost the entire British Isles.

[1] Luckily for afp, he declined, presumably on the grounds that it would be unfair on all the other women.


Emmet applying the pheromones in Ealing
Picture: imp@lspace.org

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Date of birth:

2nd May 1973

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Belief in astrology:

Emphatically not

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