In future issues of the Discworld Chronicle this will become the members' letters page. At the moment it's sort of empty because, well, we wouldn't expect you to know about it in advance, unless of course you're privy to some divine inside information. But now you do know, there's no excuse not to start penning something for inclusion on future pages. We will publish as many letters as we have space for on this page in each issue. And, as an added bonus, each issue a "star" letter will receive a prize.

 Send your letters, drawings, poetry and general scribblings to:

The Discworld Convention,
Suite 35,
29 High Street,
RM1 1JL.

Mark the envelope "Chronicle Letters".

The prize for the star letter in the next issue will be a copy of the Soul Music limited edition high quality print by Josh Kirby, of which only 500 are being produced.

For now, we have provided some answers to the questions most frequently asked by our members:

Can you tell me how to book accommodation in the hotel?

Karen Kruzycka will be co-ordinating the hotel bookings and forms should be sent to her at the main Convention address. We have made special arrangements with the hotel to ensure that the needs of all those attending the Convention are met.

A hotel booking form is enclosed with this issue of the Chronicle. Unfortunately, we can only accept reservations made using these forms or good quality photocopies.

What happens if the hotel is full?

An 'overflow' hotel, located close to the main venue, will be provided for Convention delegates if the Adelphi is full. We will also be providing information on other local accommodation to suit all pockets.

I'm writing to ask - where have the "Discworld Convention people" gone?

Since June 1996 Paul A Rood, the Convention chairman, has had to move house (and consequently change the PO Box address) twice. The new address is listed above and will not change until February 1998 at the earliest. Details of any changes will be provided well in advance to all Convention members.

We apologise to anyone who had mail returned to them during this period and hope that, in the rare cases where this happened, you were eventually able to get in contact with us.

I would like to see some of the actors or actresses from either the Discworld computer games or the animated series at the 1998 Convention.

As you know, we have invited nearly all of the major Discworld personalities to the 1998 Convention. All have agreed to attend for no appearance fee. Unfortunately, due to their profession, actors and actresses have to charge for their services in order to make a living. We would like to see those who are part of the various Discworld spin-offs at the Convention but, as a non-profit making organisation, do not have the resources to pay them for their time.

If you really want to see a particular star at the Convention, write directly to them and describe the Convention itself and its links to charities such as the Orangutan Foundation. If they want to find out more about the Convention we will happily provide them with some background information. Most popular stars have agents, details of whom can normally be obtained from the Artists Directory at BBC Television.

I can't remember my membership number!

Don't worry. A new system of numbering is being introduced for the 1998 Convention. Each new member will receive a receipt bearing their membership number. You should keep this safe, as it will be the quickest and easiest way to prove your membership and gain entry to the Convention. Details of the new membership numbers will be printed alongside your name elsewhere in this issue. If you don't appear on the list, don't panic. The very fact that you are receiving the Chronicle means that we know who you are.

How can I get involved?

Volunteer forms will be provided in the months before the Convention so that you can tell us if you want to get involved. During the Convention, just collar someone who looks like they know what they are doing, and is wearing a staff or committee badge, and offer your assistance.

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