In order to reserve a hotel room for the Convention, you must complete and return one of the Convention's Hotel Booking Forms. Every member should receive one of these forms along with a copy of the Discworld Chronicle. It is essential that every person fills in a form: a room cannot be reserved until I have received one form for each occupant.

The entire Adelphi hotel is available for bookings by our members during the weekend of the Convention. Once this hotel is full, reservations will be made in the Moathouse, an establishment of a similarly high standard, which is a short distance away from the Adelphi. Rooms in the main hotel are allocated purely on a first come, first served basis - late bookings will be placed in the 'overflow' hotel, unless a genuine reason for special arrangements, such as mobility difficulties, can be given.

The prices for rooms in both hotels are as stated on the booking form: £37/night for a single, £31/night per person for a double or twin, and £25/night per person for a triple. Children under 12 years of age at the time of the event will normally stay for free if sharing a room with an accompanying adult. There will still be a charge for their breakfast, and a form must still be filled in for them. Those staying for three nights will be charged at a slightly discounted rate for subsequent nights, e.g. if you stay on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you'll be charged a lower rate for Sunday and Monday.

Please try to fill in your form properly. This is particularly important if you want me to find you someone to share a room with - we need details which will allow us to make suitable matches. Once you've submitted your form, and so have those sharing a room with you, I will confirm your reservation by letter within a few weeks. If you've asked us to find you room-sharers, you will be told of their names before the Convention, so that you have an opportunity to object.

You should try and arrive at the hotel after 2 o'clock in the afternoon, as you will not be able to check into your room before this time. You will be asked for a credit card imprint - if you cannot provide one, it is likely that you will have to pay the full room bill in cash. Please try and have your card or cash ready, so that check-in can be completed as quickly as possible. If you think you will be late, please ring and let the reception staff know - your room may be released after 10 o'clock if we've had no warning from you, either on your form or by phone.

NB: a Hotel Booking Form is invalid if it is not signed. When you sign your form, you are making a commitment to pay for your hotel bill. This will be enforced if you don't use your room and haven't cancelled the booking as advised on the form.

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