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These are the posts which the April Fool gag in 2000 generated.
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i just explained this to Danny, and he opined that Hasbro is going to target all PBeM sites/lists/groups, so as to restrict the market, perhaps with plans to open an on-line dip site of their own. Or summat. He's concerned because, as hasbro now owns Wizards of the Coast (who bought TSR), the same thing may be happening to the on-line community of AD&D players, too. Note from Murky: This line of argument should have convinced aellath that the thing was an April Fool. It would not be in the interest of a game manufacturer to limit the freedom of people to play their games. the exception to this would be if people were reproducing things like the rulebook, but this is not done at all - in fact, there are people on this list who own copies of the game who would not otherwise have bought it. Aellath (and Mikey) should have known that it wasn't the 'afp' aspect which could have caused trouble, as Terry was asked if he was happy for us to create Octarine, and he said yes. I.e. the April Fools gag should have been blown open! Anyhow, aellath continues.

i can't see where we've been violating copyright; we have 'c' notices on our mappes and we don't have standard dip rules up for grabs....

we're just a bunch of people who enjoy playing dip -- and some of us wouldn't've got into it were it not for afpdip, and then AH/Hasbro would've lost some money there! -- and who have gotten together. The only difference between us and a live Dip group is that we are all over the globe and meet online instead of all in one city and meeting at someone's house.

Sigh. We'll find some way....

btw, is Gaspode dead or not? also i was going to start something, since i haven't any gm or bursaring going, but i suppose i'll have to wait, now...

8) -- off to immerse myself in the Current Middle Ages, instead...

Posted BEFORE the April Fool was revealed.

Sent direct to me:
Hosun Lee (15:30)

Sent to mailing list:
Craig Dutton (11:16)
  Hosun Lee (15:31)
    Mikey (16:33)
  Bjorn Fridgeir Bjornsson (17:59)
    Piers Forrest (20:16)
Aellath (16:50)

The email revealing the April Fool.
Murky (21:12)

Posted AFTER the April Fool was revealed (all dated 2nd April)
  Hosun Lee (05:43)
    Murky (06:25)
Suzi (10:39)
Mikey (11:03)
Aellath (14:55)

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