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Subject: *I* Blokes on bombs (was: *A* Susan and SM)
Author: Adam Jones
Date: 1996/08/08

On Tue, 06 Aug 1996 13:49:45 GMT, Murky B is alleged to have written:

>(and who can remind me of the rules??)

I'm sure I can manage. I donb't have them immediately to hand, but could get them smartish. Whether I could get around to typing them in though is another matter.

>Perhaps a listserv would be needed - and a referee . . .

>When would the deadline for turns be? One a
>week is too slow . . . how about 8pm tuesday
>and friday (enough time for two moves per week)
>however this would depend on the ref.

2 moves a week is about all you ever manage with the board game anyway... this should give about enough time for e-mailed negotiations.

>At the start of each game we'd have to have
>a list of participants/countries/email addresses . . .

OK, so negotiations and alliances to be discussed by e-mail, or indeed IRC or dcc chat? Any rules or restrictions needed?

/Join #diplomacy
I'm in...

Also, if say, someone had to go on holiday or something, they must either surrender or nominate a surrogate player which would be announced by the server.

OK, countries decided randomly by the (non-participating) ref. who also collates the moves and mails everyone a list of who's playing and the current positions of all the pieces. Everyone can put them onto their own map if they so desire. (Mental noughtm and crosses is fun. Mental chess more so. Mental diplomacy... AAARGH!)

Adam Jones -

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