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Subject: *I* Blokes on bombs (was: *A* Susan and SM)
Author: (Piers Forrest (at home))
Date: 1996/08/10 (Murky B) wrote:

>X-No-Archive: Yes

>At dawn of the third age of mankind Adam
>Jones posted. The date is Thu, 8 Aug 96
>10:26:05 GMT, the name of the place is

>I am currently investigating these "judges" -
>automated programs which will take care of
>the game. I've requested various help files
>which I'll have to read.

>I think email negotiation would be better - no
>requirement for people to be at the keyboard
>at the same time.

>Thinking about it, maybe a move a week would
>be right?

The "judges" don't require you all to be at the keyboard at the same time. The Game Master (GM) will set the deadlines by which orders must be submitted, and the judge then calculates the results.

The judge will also deal with the communications; you send *press* to the the judge, stating which country or countries it is for, and the judge forwards it the the e-mail addresses specified by those addressees. This allows players to keep in touch without having to remember all the e-mail addresses, and changes of addresses.

There is a program available for Windows users called Mapper, which will convert the results (received from the judge via e-mail) into a map with the pieces in place, and will change the positions each time you update it.

Mapper for Windows is available by ftp and http from the directories : (no longer available) (no longer available)

To get information om how to use a judge, send e-mail to a judge (such as or with GET PACKAGE as the body of the message.

Typing up the rules and posting them to afp is probably not a good idea. The copyright is held by Avalon Hill, and they do like to protect it. Comment: Avalon Hill was purchased by Hambro (Summer 98)

I have not tried to master a diplomacy game but some of the more experienced GM's would probably help me if I HEY! WAIT A MINUTE, I DIDN'T VOLUNTEER, YOU ALL STEPPED BACKWARD WHEN I WASN'T READY!

If you want help to get started, please e-mail me. If I can get someone to GM, I'll play. If I can't, but there are enough others who do, and you don't mind a novice GM, I'll give that a try instead.

If anyone wants more info, or help getting started, please e-mail me.

Piers Forrest, Cardinal Computers Limited, London, UK

"There is no reason why anyone would want to have a computer in their home."
- Ken Olson, Chairman and Founder, DEC, 1977

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