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A Few Words from Murky

AFPDip games can be started by anyone at any time.

There is no "standard" afpdip way of doing things, however, in our short history we have some guidelines.

  • All games have an identifying name, the name is the GM's choice. Names are usually taken from PTerry's books.
  • Each GM has their own way of doing things. As GM it is your job to make clear what will happen if certain events come to pass. In unforeseen circumstances act fairly - but it is not a failure to ask an impartial outsider for advice.
  • Once a game has the required number of players the powers should be assigned and the first deadline set as soon as possible.
  • Moves should be processed within a reasonable time once the deadline is up.
  • A map is normally made available as soon as possible. If a map is to be made, it is the GM's responsibility to see that this is done (this does not preclude the possibility of someone helping out)
  • GM's usually acknowledge receipt of orders - assuming that the orders haven't arrived so close to the deadline that an acknowledgement is inpractical.
  • A GM will remain neutral in all things, neither penalising players or giving them the benefit of the doubt due to outside rivalries/friendships if there is a problem with a player's orders.
  • A GM will generally grant a reasonable extension to deadlines, however there have been cases where extensions were refused.
  • All results and GM announcements are made in AFPDIP-announce.
It will help you as GM if you adopt a methodical approach to GM'ing. Set the deadlines at a time of day when you know you're likely to have some free moments to process.

As orders come in, make a copy of them in some master file, and acknowledge them straightaway. I use Pegasus and ask players to write "gamename GM" somewhere in the subject line, e.g. Hogfather GM - this allows me to automatically filter all orders into a separate folder.

Of course, how you manage your game is up to you, but there is plenty of specific advice if you just ask for it...

All AFPDip games have their own webpages. Please coordinate your games pages with me so that I can provide links. The pages can either be on this website or on your own. If they're to be held on your own website, then an HTML template is available elsewhere on this website should you wish to use/adapt it. If you choose not to use it, then please remember to include links to The Diplomat main page, and back to the "news" page on the diplomat.

Always keep a copy of the blank map available in addition to the current map... you may need it!

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