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John Comments:
Piers has said he may support me into Serbia. Negotiations are continuing. I'm quite worried about Turkey, and Suzi seems to share the worries. With any luck, we will team up with Piers and depose the Sultan. (and then we'll probably have to team up and depose the Pharoah)

I'm mildly worried about Germany - have to investigate matters there..The only good news is that he built two fleets. This suggests to me a northern campaign.

Things could get messy in WMed - Spain has two fleets, France has one. It's going to be hard keeping a lid on things, and the winner is going to want something else to do with his fleets.. Hoepfully by then I'll have a chunk of Turkey, or at least more Balkans, and a sizable navy.

It looks like John has got things summed up fairly accurately to me at this stage in the game... he most certainly is worth watching.

... and then it was time for the results again.

Perdita, Spring 1996 Movement Results.

A Gib H
F Nth-Norwegian sea
F Lon - NTH (*bounce*)
F Ire - Iri
F (Lib) Hold
F (Cai) - EME
F (Ale) s F (Cai) - EME
A (Isr) - Syr
A (Asw) - Cai
F (Sau) - RED
A Auv Bor
A Par S F Mar - Auv
F Mar Auv
A Switz Hold
A Mon Mar
A Mun s A Sax
A sax s A Mun
F Ber - BHM
F Ham - HEL
F Bel s F Den - NTH
F Den - NTH
A Hol s F Bel
A Bie H
A War s A Bie
F Lit - Lat (*bounce*)
F Gda - Bal (*bounce*)
A Cze H
A Kra s A Cze H
A Mos -- Lat (*bounce*)
F Swe -- Bal (*bounce*)
A Fin -- Swe (*bounce*)
A Cen -- Biel (*bounce*)
F EBS -- Geor (*bounce*)
A Por-Nav
A Sve H
F Bar H
F WMe-Alg
A Ank S F Georgia
A Ada Irn
F Izm Aegean
F Ist WBS (*bounce*)
F Gre Ion (*bounce*)
A Bul S Italian Fleet Adr Ser (*void*)
A Irn Kaz
F Geo S Ukrainian F Sev EBS (*void*)
F Sev S F Rum-WBS
A Ros S Russian F EBS-Geo
A Ode-Rum
A Hun S A Ode-Rum
A Kie S A Kha
A Kha S A Kie

Some interesting moves there. Spain has seen that without some drastic action she will be finished by the anglo-french alliance, and has decided to pose Britain with a dilemma, does Britain go for Sve (which she CAN take) or does she defend Morocco? As far as I'm concerned it's a mute point for Britain, Morocco can be reclaimed, whereas captured foreign SCs are invaluable. Spain is headed for an early exit despite some cleverness here. WHY did Spain not attack Gibraltar when she had the chance?

The non agression between France and Germany seems to be going well, especially with Germany making headway against Britain (it was incomprehensible to me that Norway did not support F Lon-Nth).

Turkey seems to be the victim of quite a coordinated attack, almost certainly losing a home SC this year. Turkey also is looking to push an army around the Russian's flank. I'd take that army through Siberia, as the quicker route through Volga is more likely to simply bounce.

Russia has been quite successfully penned in. Though this is liable to break down as other conflicts escalate I don't hold much hope for Russia in the southern sphere of influence, Russia's biggest threat is the Ukraine - and she needs to be organising Poland and Turkey in an alliance against the Ukraine...

In the north, Norway is a target, and with Britain distracted it would be a good thing to get Finland into Lapland - with the foreknowledge and blessing of Germany....

It's in the interests of Germany to leave Scandinavia well alone whilst Russia poses a separate threat to Britain.

What would I be doing as Britain? Primarily I'd be trying to break down the Franco-germanic non agression pact, though this would probably meet with little success. I'd definitely be talking to Poland and Italy, pointing out that should Britain fall then Germany would pose a large threat to their empires, a threat which it's better to deal with now.

John comments:

Turkey is probably going to get ground into the dust, between myself, Piers, and Suzi.

The only thing I'm worried about is what I get out of it.. I stand to gain Greece, and that's about it. Unless I can scrape Istanbul or Izmir. Which won't help when I'm forced to go for Egypt following that...

And I'll have to hope Poland makes good ground in Russia, otherwise Piers will become a problem as well.

Mikey quotes a message sent to him by the British PM, Jim:


> Hi Mike,

> How fare you. I just want to inform you that I'm going to
> take Seville this move. The Spaniard can have Morocco.
> Are you going to bring any more forces into spain. I'm
> looking forward to helping you out.

> One point. I can take seville with my fleet. This will
> allow you to get your fleet into the south atlantic and
> then into the med. i think its a more useful position for
> you. You may even pick up morocco for a turn on your way
> past. i would prefer to take seville with my army, but
> if you want to go through the straits I'll help you out.

> Regards

> Tony Burbage

To which Mikey replied:

Mr PM Jim Tony whatever your name is

Dont take this the wrong way - I really have no intention of aggression against you - but I want a fleet near bordeaux - it is only Prudent that we offer each other no opportunity for a stab , this way we can 'trust'hahaha each other.

One fleet in MAO or BOB cannot cause you concern but could save me from invasion should you turn nasty<g>

I reckon that if you take sev with your army and I get Por in the fall(temporarily of course!!!!) we can force a disband. his fleets cannot defend his homeland abroad and he is DOOMED Muhahahahahaha............

seriously, If we keep everything even steven, there is less chance of a stab from either of us. I am happy for you to take Sve this spring - face it, I cannot stop you but would appreciate a build come fall.

In answer to your question, I will have Navarra by fall and can support myself into Madrid & Barcelona. you (I stress the YOU) will have Portugal by the end of next year.

The German wants me to stab you but as I have said , I have no interest in you, have no means of attacking you and want your help against spain.


All of this gave rise to:

Perdita, Autumn 1996 Movement Results.

British Army Britain
F NWG - NTH (*bounce*)
A Gib - Sve
F SAO S A Gib - Sve
Egyptian Army Egypt
F (EME) c A (Cai) - Ana
A (Cai) - EME - Ana
A (Syr) - Ada (*bounce*)
F (RED) Hold
F (Lib) Hold
F (Ale) s F EME
French Army France
A Bor Nav
F MAO support A Bor Nav
A Par Auv (*bounce*)
A Mar Support A Swi Hold
A Swi Hold
German Army Germany
A Mun S A Sax
A Sax S A Mun
F BHM to Den
A Hol - Edi (*bounce*)
F NTH C A Hol to Edi
Italian Army Italy
Polish Army Poland
A Bie H
A War S A Bie
F Lit - Lat
F Gda - BAL
A Cze H
A Kra S A Cze
Russian Army Russia
A Fin -- StP
F Swe -- GOB
A CRP -- Vol
A Mos S A CRP -- Vol
F EBS -- Geor
Spanish Army Spain
A Nav-Bor (*bounce*, *dislodged*)
A Sve-Por
F Bar-Auv (*bounce*)
F Alg-Mor
Turkish Army Turkey
F Ist S A Bul
F Geo H (*cut*, *dislodged*, *disbanded NRP*)
A Kaz Vol (*bounce*)
A Ira Ada (*bounce*)
F Aeg Ism
F Gre H
A Bul S F Ist
A Ank S A Ira Ada (*cut*)
Ukrainean Army Ukraine
A Kie S A Kha
A Kha S A Kie
F WBS-Ank (*bounce*)
A Hun S Italian A Aus
A Rum S A Hun
A Ros S Russian F EBS-Geo
The Spanish army in Nav retreated to Madrid.

The following table gives the current SC situation.

B Edi, Gib, Lvp, Lon, Nwy, Ire, -Mor, +Svl = +0
E Ale, Asw, Cai, Sau, Lib, Isr = +0
F Bor, Lyo, Mar, Par, Mon, Swi = +0
G Ber, Fra, Ham, Mun, Hol, Bel, Den = +0
I Mil, Nap, Rom, Ven, Aus, Cro, Tun, +Ser = +1
P Gda, Kra, War, Bie, Lit, Cze = +0
R Gor, Mos, Mur, StP, Swe, +Geo = +1
S Bar, Mad, -Svl, Por, +Mor = +0
T Ada, Ank, Izm, Ist, Bul, Gre, Ira, -Geo = -1
U Kha, Kie, Ode, Sev, Ros, Hun, Rum = +0

The following table gives the current build situation.

A positive number of adjusts means you have builds, a negative number means disbands. In the event of an NMR on the adjust phase, builds will not be given, disbands will be made bu use of a random process.

If you do not want to make use of the build, send a "waive" order to the GM.

As there are 64 SCs, 38 home SCs and 26 neutral the victory condition is 33 SCs.

Power Current Units Current SCs Adjusts SCs needed to win
Britain 7 7 -- 26
Egypt 6 6 -- 27
France 6 6 -- 27
Germany 7 7 -- 26
Italy 7 8 +1 25
Poland 6 6 -- 27
Russia 5 6 +1 27
Spain 4 4 -- 30
Turkey 7 7 -- 26
Ukraine 7 7 -- 26

The following table contains a game summary, broken down by power.

The NMR/Late score are for the current player.

Power Late NMR Start 95 End 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Britain 0 0 4 7 7
Egypt 0 0 3 6 6
France 0 0 4 6 6
Germany 0 0 4 7 7
Italy 0 0 4 7 8
Poland 0 0 3 6 6
Russia 0 0 5 5 6
Spain 1 0 3 4 3
Turkey 0 0 4 8 7
Ukraine 0 0 4 7 7

No players have yet dropped out of this game.

The following table contains a game summary, broken down by SC. Sc's are grouped roughly according to geographical area.

            Start End
      SC       95 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
         Libya  .  E  E
       Morocco  .  B  S
       Tunisia  .  I  I
     Edinburgh  B  B  B
     Gibraltar  B  B  B
     Liverpool  B  B  B
        London  B  B  B
-Central Europe--------------------------------------------------------
       Austria  .  I  I
      Bulgaria  .  T  T
       Croatia  .  I  I
Czechoslovakia  .  P  P
        Greece  .  T  T
       Hungary  .  U  U
       Rumania  .  U  U
        Serbia  .  .  I
    Alexandria  E  E  E
         Aswan  E  E  E
         Cairo  E  E  E
      Bordeaux  F  F  F
          Lyon  F  F  F
    Marseilles  F  F  F
         Paris  F  F  F
        Berlin  G  G  G
     Frankfurt  G  G  G
       Hamburg  G  G  G
        Munich  G  G  G
         Milan  I  I  I
        Naples  I  I  I
          Rome  I  I  I
        Venice  I  I  I
--Middle East----------------------------------------------------------
          Iran  .  T  T
        Israel  .  E  E
  Saudi Arabia  .  E  E
        Gdansk  P  P  P
        Krakow  P  P  P
        Warsaw  P  P  P
         Gorky  R  R  R
        Moscow  R  R  R
      Murmansk  R  R  R
        Rostov  R  U  U
St. Petersburg  R  R  R
   Bielorussia  .  P  P
       Georgia  .  T  R
     Lithuania  .  P  P
       Denmark  .  G  G
        Norway  .  B  B
        Sweden  .  R  R
     Barcelona  S  S  S
        Madrid  S  S  S
       Seville  S  S  B
         Adana  T  T  T
        Ankara  T  T  T
      Istanbul  T  T  T
        Izmair  T  T  T
          Kiev  U  U  U
       Kharkov  U  U  U
        Odessa  U  U  U
    Sevastipol  U  U  U
-West Europe-----------------------------------------------------------
       Belgium  .  G  G
       Holland  .  G  G
       Ireland  .  B  B
        Monaco  .  F  F
      Portugal  .  S  S
   Switzerland  .  F  F

Italy builds a Fleet in Naples.

Russia builds an Army in StP.

Russia comments:

Piers should go to Ankara this move, as it seems too good an offer to pass up. Unless he stabs me and takes Geor, in which case i have nothing left to do stop him except ally with Turkey, something i doubt Ydris would be willing to do after the last move. Personally I feel that Ydris will clutch at any straw he can get. I wonder what Ydris did to be singled out like this... I'd put good money that young Piers is behind it all...

I believe Suzi wants to go for Adana this move which is good. The more SC's Turkey loses the quicker i can get my Eastern Army back to help me against Poland.

Piers says he won't help me or Poland, but he seems to have left his two armies on his Eastern Border. . . highly suspicious. It's Piers, of course it's suspicious.

Mikey now comments:

FYI I think the brit will move his army in sve to por and he expects me to support him in case the Moroccan fleet cuts support from SAO. This way, I guarantee Barcelona in the fall at the latest whle staying on speaking terms with the brit. he may think me daft but not evil. What a twerp!. Still no word from Spain. I might have considered a ceasefire had he asked as the brit is ripe for the picking!! Watch this space. Thus nicely demonstrating the principle that if you don't talk to people then they cannot be on your side... Jason, what ARE you doing?

John comments:

Assuming Piers and Suzi don't decide that this is a good opportunity to backstab me (Piers is going to have the opportunity for both movement turns this year, unfortunately), Turkey should be left with only Iran as a supply centre by the next adjust.

However...he could well manage to keep it, because I'm going to have to move on Suzi sooner or later, and sooner would probably be wiser.

So I'll have to hope like hell that I can get Piers on my side at that stage...

(with any luck, I'll be able to dangle the Egypt 'stalemate line' infront of his nose as an incentive to help me..)

Writes Rick Desper, "If Ukraine is gone and Egypt holds Rostov, three forces (Rostov, Caucasus and Iran) will hold the East. Ankara and Izmir support Istanbul, Alexandria supports Eastern Sahara, and two fleets support Fleet Eastern Med. Eleven forces supported by 12 SC's."
It occurs to me that this would be a very nice achievement for Egypt, as it would yield an inpenetrable fortress, from whence she could attack, as the situation allowed, or within which she could simply stay, to ride out the end (and merely by existing, make things very difficult for anyone who shares a border).
The state of play in the 'Perdita' Game at the end of 1996
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