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Going Postal

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This book was released in 2004.

Author: Terry Pratchett
Title: Going Postal
Publisher: Doubleday
Date: November 2004 (Hardback)
ISBN: 0 385 60342 8 (Hardback)


Convicted con-man and forger Moist van Lipwig is given a choice. Face the hangman's noose, or get Ankh-Morpork's ancient post office up and running efficiently! It was a tough decision...

Now, the former criminal is facing really big problems. There's tons of undelivered mail. Ghosts are talking to him. One of the postmen is 18,000 years old. And you really wouldn't want to know what his new girlfriend can do with a shoe.

To top it off, shadowy characters don't want the mail moved. Instead, they want him dead -- deader than all those dead letters. (And here he'd thought that all he'd have to face was rain, snow, and gloom of night...)"

Comments by Terry:

"Spin-offs aside, and leaving out the two books later this year, I'm planning three more novels, one a year, for the next three years -- the first coming out in November 2002. Titles and outlines are on the computer and the contracts have been signed."

-- Terry on, 10 Jun 2001

"Right now I'm working on golem culture for Going Postal. And they are weird :-)"

-- Online chat for Asimov's, November 2003

"Monstrous Regiment consists almost entirely of new characters and so will the DW book for late 2004. It will be called Going Postal."

-- Online chat for BBC Radio 2

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