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Eskarina Smith


The eighth... child of an eighth son

The eighth son of an eighth son is a wizard. And the eighth son of an eighth son of an eighth son is a sorcerer. But a daughter after seven sons to an eighth son is... trouble. An elderly wizard passed on his staff to a child he foresaw as being an eighth son of an eighth son. He was right on one of the accounts, anyway. Now Eskarina Smith ("Esk") must decide between becoming a witch under Granny Weatherwax or a wizard under Archchancellor Cutangle. Empowered with "man's magic" but most definitely a woman, Esk must try to make the bifurcated world of magic see the best of both sides. She hasn't got a hope in hell of succeeding... or has she?

Esk is wizard by mistake in:
Equal Rites.

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