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This section is a set of collected files and resources which may be of interest to Diplomacy players anywhere. All files are used with permission.


Playing the Game

Game Management

  • Diplomacy without a GM: An article from Murky (your humble ex-webmaster).
  • Mapping in Diplomacy: Aelleath's article upon the psychology of mapping.
  • House Rules
    • If you join a game which is GM'd by one of the following people you implicitly agree to their house rules (unless 'game specific' house rules apply).
    • Murky's House rules.
    • Suzi's House Rules.
  • GM References
    • Running a game FAQ - Frequently asked questions about running a game.
    • A few words from Murky - some guidelines on GM'ing within AFPDip.
    • GM Pack - some resources put together to help the AFPDip GM, and comments upon their use.
      • Parts of the GM pack, available seperately
      • "Remote File" - the main timesaving item in GM Pack. An HTML file for the GM who wishes to host the part of The Diplomat dedicated to their game on their own website.
      • A Blank Map - the blank map for the standard game.
      • Markers - a set of flags which can be used for producing maps. These were done for the modern game - the Austrian flag is included so that the flasgs may be used in the standard game.
    • Assigning Powers - methods for assigning powers (this site).
    • Assigning Powers - methods for assigning powers (Dip Pouch).
    • Assigning Powers randomlyA method whereby powers can be assigned such that neither player or GM can influence the outcome of the assignment process.
    • Power Assignment Program: A Qbasic program which will find the 'best' combination of power assignments.
    • AFPDip Game Names - A file which lists reserved names, used names, and suggests available names for your games.

Historical Documents

This section contains documents which may if of interest to Diplomers.
If you have written items which would be of interest to other Diplomats, please contact me.