The Luggage Files The Luggage
Here are some of the Discworld game files available.

File Description Size A partial fix for people having problems installing Noir under Windows 95 version A. 2K
death.mp3 The Discworld 2 song 'That's Death' in MPEG-3 format. 2742K
discworld-game-faq The Discworld Game Faq V2.10 (text version) 53K
discworld-game-hints The Discworld 1 hint file (text). 20K
discworld-update.sea.hqx The patch for the mac version of Discworld 1.. 372K
dw2hints.txt The Discworld 2 hint file (text). 28K The latest patch for Discworld 2 (DOS + Win95) 443K A home-made patch that lets Win95a users install Noir 2K The Colour of Magic text adventure (Speccy emulator required) 104K
tcomgame.solution A solution for The Colour of Magic 2K
walkthru.txt (1) A Discworld 1 walkthrough 17K
walkthru.txt (2) A Discworld 2 walkthrough 12K A Spectrum Emulator, needed to play The Colour of Magic . 223K