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Quick Status:
The game is OVER
A draw was proposed by Germany in S2013M (16/12/98)
I'd be glad to include [perdita] in the Modern Hall of Fame....

... One more thing. I've looked at the page - and it looks great. Do you plan on running more Modern games?.... [Vincent Mous - Creator of Modern]

How about it, future GMs? Why not try Modern?

The modern homepage. Read comments about Modern. Perdita game history graphs. The Ukrainean controlled Propaganda Rag. Download the Perdita map.
The deposed Turk has set up as a media magnate by offering an Independant News Service from exile in Switzerland.
The Perdita Logs are available for your perusal. At this stage the later years are not yet finished.

End of Game statements from all parties are requested.

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The GM MurkyB
Britain Jim Hill
Egypt Suzi Holyoake
France Mike Smith
Germany Hippie
Italy John Fouhy
Poland Drew Buddie
Russia Ross A Chapman
Spain Jason Gool
Turkey David Ashton
Ukraine Piers Forrest