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Carrot Ironfoundersson

It isn't always easy when you're different. Being six foot six and dwarvish[1] is bound to leave its mark. Being the rightful heir to the throne of Ankh doesn't help either, even if you are quite happy with the job the Patrician is doing[2]. Enter Carrot Ironfoundersson, determined to protect and to serve, to introduce honesty and efficiency to Ankh-Morpok and the Watch and above all, to come to terms with his rather ambiguous feelings towards a certain Ramtop wolfhound.

[1] Well, psychologically dwarvish, which as any Witch will tell you is the important thing.
[2] Albeit with initial reservations about some of the Guilds.

Carrot can be found wandering through:
Guards! Guards!.
Men At Arms.
Feet of Clay.
The Fifth Elephant.
The Truth.
The Last Hero.
Night Watch.

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Casting suggestions:
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Russell Crowe

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