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Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler

[CMOT Dibbler]

Hot Dogs! Onna Stick!

Purveyour of merchandise that no-body else would (or could) sell (or buy), Dibbler has been known to get into shady dealings like a fish gets into the sea. WHen all else fails, he falls back onto his sausage-inna-bun enterprise, where the sausages contain parts that might have been near a pig if you're lucky...

Dibbler (or morphically equivalent) appears in:
The Colour of Magic?
Guards! Guards!?
Moving Pictures.
Reaper Man.
Small Gods (As Cut-Me-Own-Hand-Off Dyblah).
Men At Arms.
Soul Music
Interesting Times (As Disembowel-Myself-Honourably Dibhala).
Jingo (As Al-Jibla).
The Last Continent (As Fair-Go Dibbler).
The Truth.
Night Watch.

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Casting suggestions:
Bob Hoskins, David Jason, Mel Smith, Jack Dee, Arthur Daly, Johnathan Pryce

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